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  1. Worse than Arkham Knight, just shows Sony doesn't care about their masterpieces anymore, now on, it's all gong to be live service trash from them, just look at all their recent acquisitions
  2. Sony this year so far Forspoken trash. TLOU Remaster pc port trash. ABK Deal approved for MS. Sony under scrutiny for "high end console gaming" monopoly. A term coined by them to stop ABK deal being used against them now. Sony having a stellar year. Looks like it's back to spidey to save their arse
  3. hahahahahabahahahahahahah All that crying and whining and lying by Jimbo and ponies, all for naught
  4. Ridiculous, why do ponies want to continue paying 70$ for doom, wolfy, fallout, elder scrolls, diablo, crash bandicoot, any arkane, id soft, or blizzard games? None of them coming to Pony console ?
  5. lol, percentage? You mean minority stakeholder. Bcuz let's get one thing clear, a greedy a*s company like Sony wouldn't have allowed Elden Ring to release on anything other than ps5 if they had any real say in anything From Software related. lol In fact, if it was left to them, these games wouldn't have happened at all. God bless Bandai Namco who identified what From Software had way back when. Ponies want to claim From Soft games? Ask Sony to buy it out, oh wait, not only can they not afford the company, but also, they only want to invest in nfts this gen. Ponies probably already have their pants down, ready to be drilled by their master and their next 10 live service games.
  6. gamer_adi

    Resident Evil 4

    U get a launcher for a reason...
  7. It's obvious the deal is very close to being done, And Sony has already said they are doomed without COD, no wonder they releasing all their exclusives on pc now.
  8. Sony in the last 6 months, got a*s kicked by Elden Ring at the awards, followed by duds like Forspoken this year. Now it's back to FF16 & Spiderman to save their year
  9. gamer_adi

    Resident Evil 4

    Capcom knows what they are doing RE7, 2, Village, and now 4, damn! This year we getting proper "built from the ground up remakes" Yeehaw!
  10. 60k ridiculous pricing for a console. Oh the days when these things used to get cheaper with age lol
  11. I am hoping it's like re2/4/7 all mixed in with remedy style slow-mo bullet-time madness.
  12. gamer_adi

    Resident Evil 4

    Now this is how you do a remake! RE4, RE2, AND Dead Space Remake, DS, gold standard for remakes. However, first complaint from all the re4 vids...the rain looked weird in that chapter, hope there's a way to tune it down. And i dunno, it looked less like a rain to me.
  13. gamer_adi

    Atomic Heart

    Damn, mind blown, looks so unique, one of a kind world created by the devs, gives me the same feeling bioshock infinite gave way back when Hopefully game will live up to this trailer!
  14. gamer_adi

    Atomic Heart

    Holy sh*t, this game looks so good, though still not sold on the gameplay till i play it. Trailers looks like a breath of fresh air.
  15. gamer_adi


    Looking forward to it on 15th, love tough games
  16. True true, yet to beat ma'lady in the dlc of bloodborne. Btw, champion gundyr kicks a*s even in ng+++ when most of the game is a cakewalk, he truly is a champion.
  17. Ya true, wih each big game taking 4-5 years to develop, and SONY going all in on live services, and their one of the few 2023 exclusive being such a dud, it looks kinda worrying. But no worries, they will probably eek out some anti-consumer deals to keep games off other platforms, they very good at it.
  18. Celeste Dlc, Baba is You, Salt and Sanctuary, Hyper Light Drifter, What Remains of Edith Finch.
  19. Sekiro maybe the toughest, haven't played yet. But Bloodborne was the easiest imho. Dark Souls 1 - Base - Four Kings, Ornstein & Smough, Gwyn. DLC - Kalameet, Artorias, Manus. Dark Souls 2 - Base game has crap bosses. Smelter Demon was tough nice fight. DLC was challenging. Dark Souls 3 has the toughest bosses by far. Base - Pontiff Sulyvahn, Champion Gundyr, Nameless King, Soul of Cinder. DLC - Sister Friede, Demon in Pain & Demon from Below, Darkeater Midir, Slave Knight Gael. That's 8 solid hard as nails bosses in the game. I don't think Bloodborne difficulty compares to it.
  20. Geez, wtf is happening at SONY's? Pehle GOW fails to win GOTY at the awards, now this forspoken turd
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