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  1. Sold out? Are they a big AAA developer who have all the financial backing to let go of such a deal? One of the dev had to sell his house to complete the game, so give me a break with this "sold out" bs you're peddling here bro. You also claimed that this game was never gonna come out, how they were wasting their time and it was gonna flop? So, if you knew it was gonna flop, then why should't they get whatever money they could from whomever was willing to pay them?
  2. Ridiculous debate, Arkham games are to superhero games what Half Life 2 is to shooters. Spiderman PS4 is a great game but nothing beyond that.
  3. True and True! Even the side-missions took a nose-dive in AK, they went full open-world ubisoft mode, where they designed a side mission for a side-characters, than repeated that same thing 5-10 times throughout the map. And they did that with most of the side-missions in the game. It was bloody exhausting, still got the plat though
  4. Arkham City's riddlers stuff was still fun, AK's riddler stuff became a chore cause they forced batmobile even into the riddler trophies! Rocksteady created and perfected the Arkham combat style, Insomniac expanded on it to fit Spiderman, and did a damn good job of it. Rocksteady wins this battle hands down. Insomniac's spiderman borrows so much from Arkham games, wish they would do something about the side-missions as well, 50% in, and they have all been so average so far. Arkham city had so many great side-missions.
  5. Enjoyed the cg trailer, and it's from Rocksteady, they don't need to come out with a gameplay trailer, esp. for a game that's still a couple of years away. Also like the fact that WB didn't make just another "Batman" game, Arkham Knight felt boring in parts to me, as great as the combat system was in Arkham games, same atmosphere + same combat system has grown kinda stale now. They needed to do something different and that's exactly what they are doing. And this is where i like WB more than Marvel, they don't mind shaking things up and taking chances. As far as films are concerned, Marvel MCU movies have achieved a lot, but let's face it, they will never touch the heights of Nolan Trilogy or Joker. Nor will they ever match the heights of fox movies like Logan and Deadpool. They will always be like a fast food burger joint, you will get exactly what you pay for, nothing more, it will taste great a lot of the times, but it will never blow you socks off.
  6. Origins had good boss battles, combat was what you had expect from an Arkham game, which was really good. Still a boring game for me, this looks the same.
  7. Definitely made by the Arkham Origins team
  8. Disappointing so far...
  9. Agreed with most of what you said, but research stations sucks imho, done 3 of them and all of them were crap, 30% in overall, loving it. - Collecting backpacks sucks too, but love the references. Traversal is fun so not much of a bother. Same goes for photography, newspapers, etc., these things add a lot of character to Spider-man and the world. - Random crimes are ok, some are fun like car chases, etc. Again goes with the whole vibe of being Spider-man. - Love JJJ Fun with Facts radio show. It is to this game what Chronical of Arkham/Mystery Diaries was to Arkham Asylum. - Missable audio clips are a bummer though. Overall, great so far, but prefer Arkham Asylum's riddles, Interview Tapes, Chronical of Arkham/Mystery Diaries, to this game's version of it. Spider-man's borrowed a lot from Arkham games in mostly all the right ways, both game equally captured the feeling of bring batman and spider-man respectively.
  10. Ps4 for me, next year on a new pc... looks like GOTY 2020
  11. Saw Hulk gameplay vid, it was bad, and looked so slow and boring, even the boss battle was a*s. Something's off with this game's combat, just like Godfall's!
  12. I will wait it out then, have till January, hopefully supply issues will be shorted out by then, might even get one for myself as well, had no idea switch was just 12-15k now, or would have gotten one last year itself.
  13. You mean the lite version? How are they selling it for 28k when flipkart n amazon have it for 54k? Is the site legit? How? My nephew asked me for a ps5 which isn't gonna happen. He will turn 6 in January and i thought i will get him a switch instead. But lite doesn't work on tv Is only handheld version good enough? Also, do Nintendo games ever go on discount or will i have to buy them at 5k a pop?
  14. Once you guys play this one, you will all realize why Mafia 2 was such a fail, both from story and missions perspective. The missions in 1 blows the crap that was Mafia 2 away.
  15. How much discount did you get on ps4? Also, any idea Nintendo Switch is so expensive in India? Going for 54k?
  16. So, did they pay you via direct bank transfer, or online wallet like paytm? Did you go first or them? I don't trust people online
  17. Ya, was talking about csgo weapon cases that people open for skins. I have these: 500 x CS:GO Weapon Case 2 250 x CS:GO Weapon Case 3 200 x eSports 2013 Winter Case Bought these back when valve discontinued their drop in-game Also have a lot of crates i got from just playing the game back in the day, never bothered to sell those for 5-10-20 bucks, most are worth 50-250 now. Will look into steamtrades, reddit, steamgameswap, etc. Thnx for the recommendations you guys Am guessing i can only sell to fellow Indians since gifting between different regions probably won't work?
  18. Not funny bro I keep getting these friend requests from totally fake a/cs everyday promising free knife skins if i just accept their friend request, it's scary
  19. Just a couple of million, i think. It has the capacity to topple Dark Souls series as From Soft's best selling franchise if it had the kind of exposure that DS had on every platform. Unfortunately, that won't happen though.
  20. Sony has won the coming gen already, Now they should just release all their ps 4 exclusives on pc over the next couple of years. Console gamers will still get ps5 for convenience, habit, and to play latest ps5 games on release year.
  21. Sell to whom? Have no idea about this? Ok, will talk to him, Would have taken a chance with them both don't feel safe logging into those sites with my steam a/c now that Valve has dis-associated themselves with them last year.
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