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  1. Just a couple of million, i think. It has the capacity to topple Dark Souls series as From Soft's best selling franchise if it had the kind of exposure that DS had on every platform. Unfortunately, that won't happen though.
  2. Sony has won the coming gen already, Now they should just release all their ps 4 exclusives on pc over the next couple of years. Console gamers will still get ps5 for convenience, habit, and to play latest ps5 games on release year.
  3. Sell to whom? Have no idea about this? Ok, will talk to him, Would have taken a chance with them both don't feel safe logging into those sites with my steam a/c now that Valve has dis-associated themselves with them last year.
  4. Damn! Dark Souls trilogy - 27 million Sekiro - 5+ million, So glad for From Software... And this is why Sony needs to bring Bloodborne and Demon's Souls to pc also, it would easily top Sekiro sales.
  5. Bought 1000 weapon crates about 6 years ago for 1-2 rs each, they are now worth 150-300 as of today, will wait for a few more months, am hoping the one i am looking to cash out will hit1k and then it's cash out time. Prolly in october-december time period. It's really annoying steam won't allow bank transfer out of steam
  6. It probably won't be close to Arkham and Sony Spiderman games, but it will be the most profitable, thanks to grindy post game content and micro-transactions. Gameplay looks good enough to keep the fans engaged for long, Marvel and Square Enix have hit jackpot with this, just a feeling.
  7. A couple of lakhs bro...can't spend all that on games. Maybe. Is skins trading sites safe?
  8. Anybody has any idea? Could really use some pointers...
  9. Oh, kk. Posted it here cuz it's already done in my head Will keep that topic in mind next time.
  10. relax, you guys don't know me, was more of a lurker
  11. We will peak soon, it just started late here since everyone were taking it pretty seriously in the beginning. Give it a month and we will have it under control. Unlike in the US, where half the population thinks it's a hoax or just a flu...
  12. Not exactly new, original id was banned for a couple of years ago for criticizing a sony exclusive
  13. PS4: Uncharted 1 Uncharted 2 Uncharted 3 Batman: Arkham Knight Nearly Plat: The Last of Us - 1 mp trophy away from plat. Uncharted 4 - 5 mp trophy left. I refuse to get ps plus for these since i don't play mp anymore, have 2 week free trial left i think, will get around to it. Next: Spiderman Uncharted Lost Legacy Ezio Trilogy Shadow of the Colossus Ratchet & Clank God of War God of War 3 Bloodborne All in all, will have 16 plats by the time am done with ps4.
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