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  1. Am guessing since the makers can't use the DS IP since it belongs to EA, this gonna be like a spiritual successor to those games. Kinda like how Dark Souls was to Demon's Soul.
  2. Estimated budget, i can go upto 1.5L, though wouldn't mind if i save a few bucks. Ideally would like to keep the cost on the low end, so if it stays within 1.25L, that would be ideal. Am getting a proper desktop after nearly 9 years, last one i got was in 2013. Have been mostly gaming on ps4/Acer nitro laptop the last 5 years or so. Don't intend to use pc just for gaming, though. Am planning to start a youtube channel, one for gaming and one for vlogiing/short films. So recording, editing, etc. will be done. Softwares like Adobe After effects , photoshop, visual effects, audacity, etc. will see a lot of use. Looking to get the pc within the next 3 months. Thanks!
  3. Kya re bhai, koi nahi kya, any other indian site for pc build recommendations?
  4. Most excited for this game, huge fan of dead space games, can't wait!
  5. so guys, can anyone tell me how much a decent gaming desktop would cost to build from scratch? Just give me a rough estimate...
  6. Basically the conservatives have gained majority of the Supreme Court in US, and have overturned or about to overturn a long standing Roe vs Wade ruling, that protected a women's right to abortion. It's pretty pathetic, and shame on any top level staff of a MNC to support something so controversial in today's day and age. Women deserve all the rights to their body, which basically what the old white religious males in the US have been trying to control for eons and failing, until now.
  7. Looks like those arkham knight dlc featuring the side characters, no ambition from WB B-Studio. Meh
  8. 2 week break, and SONY did one more palti in between, hadh hai re bhai paltigiri kaa...
  9. Bhai, been travelling past couple of weeks, only returned yesterday from Mumbai, was tired and gonna wait before resuming sh*t-posting,but this radical-guy Ye le, tera twitter level ka post, meri taraf se...abhi itna hi energy hai... PONY re PONY tera rang kaisa? PONY re PONY tera rang kaisa? Jaisa SONY kahe waisa
  10. Had another "project" nearly done in my head, but doesn't look like will be able to get it done today. Good thing is am all set for travel, and stock market has crashed, so am free for the rest of the day. Was gonna try to get bb dlc done today, but if the ponies keep it up, i might get the energy to get back to the "PROJECT "
  11. That's true of many jap published games, even if the games themselves are short, they require multiple paythroughs to do it. I could have of shaved of a couple of playthroughs though, but loved the game too much.
  12. All these "likes" people, they are like a drug to my veins. If this continues, then my heart will blacken, and i will turn into a... dark soul.
  13. Bhailog, remember: Only 1 like and I make another song next week. 5 likes and I "try" to go international Drumroll pls Ek raheN PONY, Ek raheN PONY, Ek raheN PONY, Aur Ek raheN SONY. PONY kaheN chalo DS khel aayi PONY kaheN chalo Sackboy khel aayi PONY kaheN chalo GODfall khel aayi Aur SONY kaheN THAMBA, pehle dus dollar extra de haaayiN Ek raheN PONY, Ek raheN PONY, Ek raheN PONY, Aur Ek raheN SONY. PONY kaheN humko GENERATIONS pasand haaayiN PONY kaheN humko AD-free pasand haaayiN PONY kaheN humka MTX pasand NaahIN Aur SONY kaheN THAMBA, ab hamaar PONIES ko sab reverse me pasand haaayiN Ek raheN PONY, Ek raheN PONY, Ek raheN PONY, Aur Ek raheN SONY.
  14. Uppam cringe re bhai PS: btw, aur koi ho na ho, tu bahut beshabri se intezaar kar raha hai, mera sabse bada fan lag raha hai
  15. Phir wrong analysis bro, they ain't liking it for bollywood re bhai, aapki analytical skill ke saamne toh michael pachter bhi fail And on this note, lemme warn you in advance bro, "likes" ka nasha bahut bura hota hai, ab toh lat lag gayi hai, i feel like. New upcoming "song" in progress, will debut in the evening to get people through the long weekend, prepare your arses everyone PS: Rly hoping i don't turn out to be one of those one-hit wonders, fingers crossed
  16. Don't sleep on this people, am hearing great things about it.
  17. Lol, nice observation bro. My 7-10 post ne week jeet liya, and you spend day n night on the thread to defend sony n no win
  18. Oh gosh darn it! I won the IVG Oscars. The only ppl i want to thank are SONY and the PONIES for their bahumulya contributions to the award PS: Mental state of many ponies were harmed in the making of this award
  19. eeee kaaa bol diya re bhai...isi baat pe ek aur post karna padega re bhai
  20. Croma mein digital is showing for me, am holding off this time, try there if digital.
  21. Am also planning on giving this a try, once i have either xsx or ps5, will invest in a good mike set up, and do vids like rkg channel, non-continous edited gameplay vids. You can also do it in hindi, i have seen some pretty successful hindi gaming channel with mediocre commentary, India is a huge market on youtube, a lot of it is untapped right now by indian gaming-youtubers
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