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  1. Yes, creator of god of war is being accused of being an xbot by ponies now that he has called ragnarok "dlc".
  2. Bro, do one thing, tu pony gang ko leke david jaffe ke youtube channel par dharna bol do...oh wait, he is already being accused of being an xbot
  3. God of War (2005) (PS2) - Game Director / Lead Designer God of War II (2007) (PS2) - creative director
  4. Bhai, guess kar le kisne Ragnarok ko dlc bola? God of War 2 ke director ne
  5. Bhai jo bhi bol, SONY ne generations bola tha to bola tha, baat khatam
  6. Tell that to GOW2 director...and come back when they actually release a trailer that doesn't look like a dlc. SONY believes so much in generations that all their fp exclusives this year are cross-gens PS: I don't mind since i only have a ps4 right now but still
  7. I no pay tax This bot thing sounds like it works, will try that for a bit.
  8. Doesn't matter, SONY is the one that believes in "generations" https://www.gamedeveloper.com/business/-we-believe-in-generations-playstation-argues-cross-gen-games-risk-stifling-innovation
  9. Dekh bhai, don't want to be rude to anyone here, but stop with your gobar dimaag on every thread, not everything in life is about your pathetic ps vs xbox. Ppl will get ps/xbox as their convenience, no need for you to harass them on every thread.
  10. Platinum #10 (3rd of the month) - Resident Evil 2 Remake 8 playthroughs, completed S+ run on hardcore for Claire A/Leon B runs. Leon A/Claire B runs on hardcore was about all kills without using any gunpowder. To my surprise, there's enough ammo in the game to kill everything, without the use of gunpowders, at that. Loved the game.
  11. Naah, don't have a ps5/series X yet, and there will always be great games to play on these consoles, no point holding out. But damn, f they didn't nail the Jill Valentine model Ya, heard they cut out a lot from og game, demo was cool. Today i begin
  12. 2.2k bucks for ps plus and 3.8 years later, finally have that firefly mp trophy, and that elusive plat. The Last of Us Platinum (#9) - DONE 2nd plat this month. PS: f**k mp trophies in single player games
  13. Got RE3 for 999, been playing a lot of RE2 lately, got the urge for 3, let's see if it's really as bad as ppl are making it out to be, demo was pretty decent.
  14. Problem is that SONY is likely to charge 15-17$ for PSPlus/PSNow mostly for letting ppl play older games, so now PONIES feel obligated to bag on any service that provides better value for the moolah it's charging.
  15. Lol, SONY ne phir se ponies ke upar hag diya, digitallly bought games are getting locked out for ppl on playstation
  16. Is there any one left in this forum who hasn't faced issues with either the ps5 console or it's controller yet?
  17. I just hope they capture the atmosphere of the first 2 games, snowy, apocalyptic isolation of mp1, and the rainy weather in 2, these games nailed those.
  18. And done Plat #8: Unravel The no dying thing was a bitch on some of the levels. Didn't enjoy this game much, it was so-so. But do i try Unravel 2 now? Next up: Last tropies to get on 3 games SOTC - Hard under 5 hours trophy. RE2 - Leon S rank trophy. The Last of Us - Firefly multiplayer trophy, wonder if i can still get it? That's 3 potential Plats this month, gotta get them before i travel end of April.
  19. Tomorrow will be reporting back with my 8th platinum of a game i didn't particularly enjoy platinuming, but what the hell
  20. Holy sh*t! My first pc title back when i got my first pc back in 2001-02. Instantly got hooked and never looked back. MP1 & 2 have always been my at the very top of my top 10 games list of all time. Have played each of the remedy games 10+ times at least back then. MP3, even though a great action game, was a disappointment from story-telling perspective. Can't wait for this Remember those mods very well, back then, i played pretty much all of the mods released for these 2 games. No way AW2 is gonna get shafted for outside projects. Sam Lake n co. have been very excited for the title for a few years now. If anything, a couple of outside projects are gonna be "Platinum Game" like by the numbers title just to keep the money flowing.
  21. "Rest assured" the new "SONY would never" for ponies?
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