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  1. 256GB drives rated at 240GB may not work. Get 500gb ones minimum I would suggest.
  2. I remember reading them like 7-8 yrs ago. Wot was great.
  3. Yes. It's embarrassing that even 10k phones have this feature. Almost everyone I know need this function. Not sure why they ain't giving yet.
  4. Got Blue Tokoi . Great coffee. Will try its cold brew next. Let's see how it goes.
  5. Just buy instant coffee then. It takes 2 mins just to boil stuff.
  6. Did they add call recording yet ?
  7. I have been stuck with davidoff for quite some time. Is rage better?
  8. https://www.amazon.in/dp/B076T64W7N/ U can use something like above for water / snow protection.
  9. Seems like we going for a correction. Buy the dips.
  10. So cheap 4k aren't great fit gaming? I was thinking of getting a Samsung 8000 series TV.
  11. Reading budget gave good profit.
  12. Doing day trading is like a second job. Most people will never be able to do it with regular jobs. Short term investment is a better prospect . Zerodha GTT orders are good for this.
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