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  1. Pm'd you. Mods please delete the last post i made. Forgot to quote.
  2. Cranshazy

    Wasteland 3

    Should i pre install it?
  3. I can build myself but i am pretty tight on budget, that's why. What's his contact and name?
  4. Does anyone know where i can buy good pre owned gaming pc?
  5. Done Deal, i might get excited and swear once i get a kill i hope you're okay with that 😂 JK
  6. No issues, i think it has crossplay enabled! We can beat Everyone or maybe stay bad together 😂
  7. I also play on xbox, mine is Cranshazy
  8. Why are people so worried about profits MS or Sony are making or will make? We're gamers i guess, not financial advisors for either for them. And as long as we gamers are benefitting, we should be happy ! Long Live Competition
  9. And my experience is probably 10 days old ! Go on try for yourself, try ps now on ps4 that doesn't have ps plus and see for yourself.
  10. Telling you from my experience as well as this reddit thread ! https://amp.reddit.com/r/PlayStationNow/comments/cac0u0/i_thought_you_didnt_need_ps_plus_to_play_online/
  11. Sorry but ps plus isn't included with ps now, you can play online just for the ps3 games that you stream, anything you download to your console still requires ps plus to play online.
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