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  1. You won't find anyone who is better than me ?
  2. Pm'd you. Mods please delete the last post i made. Forgot to quote.
  3. Cranshazy

    Wasteland 3

    Should i pre install it?
  4. I can build myself but i am pretty tight on budget, that's why. What's his contact and name?
  5. Does anyone know where i can buy good pre owned gaming pc?
  6. Done Deal, i might get excited and swear once i get a kill i hope you're okay with that ? JK
  7. No issues, i think it has crossplay enabled! We can beat Everyone or maybe stay bad together ?
  8. I also play on xbox, mine is Cranshazy
  9. Why are people so worried about profits MS or Sony are making or will make? We're gamers i guess, not financial advisors for either for them. And as long as we gamers are benefitting, we should be happy ! Long Live Competition
  10. And my experience is probably 10 days old ! Go on try for yourself, try ps now on ps4 that doesn't have ps plus and see for yourself.
  11. Telling you from my experience as well as this reddit thread ! https://amp.reddit.com/r/PlayStationNow/comments/cac0u0/i_thought_you_didnt_need_ps_plus_to_play_online/
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