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  1. Hello, Which GPU are you looking for ?
  2. Available but other sites are offering better pricing so better to go with them.
  3. NZXT C750/850 or MSI A750/850GF it is. Please try to get the 850w model. If not possible then either of the two mentioned above in 750w.
  4. That psu is also good but if you can get better while not costing as much as fortune then we don't think there's an issue for it. DQ 850 M-V2L is decent psu but using with i9+3090 is kinda risky. 3090 is an power hungry card we usually suggest our client to opt for atleast 1000w incase 3090 is needed. Upto 3080 DQ 850 M-V2L is nice above that 1000w is necessary.
  5. Cooler Master MWE 850 V2 80+ Gold Nzxt C850 Msi A850GF
  6. Hello Thalafan, Which all softwares are going to be used on it? Please specify the purpose of system. We build and ship systems all over India. Would love to have a chat regarding this and guide properly according to the purpose of system. Please reach us out on DM or Call/Whatsapp Rahim - 9623688829 Regards Gtek
  7. Hello, We do have offers running on 3060Ti and 3070 Cards as of now with full builds.
  8. I don't think there's so much need for an online UPS. I have offline one works like a charm.
  9. Thankyou for shopping with Gtek Pune. Lovely build. Would look sick in red, try once Regards Gtek
  10. Inverters these days do have UPS mode, but in that mode the voltage range drops from 100-300v to 180-260V. This is not good in areas where there is frequent voltage fluctuations or blacks outs. For e.g. if the line voltage drops below 180 the inverter will switch over to the battery and this will keep happening again and again. This will drain the inverter battery sooner and there won’t be any back up left when the power actually fails. It’s always better to equip the Computer with its dedicated UPS and let inverter take care of the whole house. Both for high end pc. Belkin or GM surge protector + appropriate VA UPS shall do the job.
  11. The main point of getting a laptop irrespective of it being gaming or normal one is portability. For pc with AIB 3080 card you'll have to spend around 2.2L~ Config shall be 5800X + B550 board + 16GB Kit ram + 3080 + 750w gold psu + 1TB NVMe SSD + 360mm Liquid Cooler + Good airflow chassis. Which games are you going to play? In our opinion in this type of situation where cards are priced horribly getting an 3060Ti is great. Shall cost a bit more but gaming experience on it will be good. Let us know if you're seeking to get an PC we shall suggest as well as we can provide pc. Configuration depending upon your budget and purpose of system.
  12. GT 710 cheapest GPU for display purpose, you can game on it too but FPS won't be good. If you want something for gaming then try for Used 1050Ti/1060/750Ti.
  13. Try to get B550 Steel Legend, if you're budget isn't that much then ASRock B550 Pro 4 is good for 5600X but will recommend B550M Steel legend.
  14. Asus RTX KO 3070 8GB V2 LHR GPU Available with full build. Please DM if interested
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