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  1. Amazon won't give discount with Amazon pay balance, they will give discount only with some particular credit/debit cards
  2. Ok I think I will be able to get 10% off on prime day sale on Amazon, if that doesn't work I will contact you.
  3. Is there any way to buy ps wallet top up with some discount? There used to be a way earlier through tata cliq but I can't see ps wallet top ups in tata cliq anymore. Is there any other way?
  4. Big L for sony this is then, this will have a huge impact on PS5 console sales in some markets where cod is huge.
  5. I always make a video while opening any expensive item I have bought online. Should ideally be doing it for all items though (even cheaper ones).
  6. Already started facing stick drift issue on an indian launch console (in use since Feb)
  7. Anyone has any idea about getting the dualsense (which came with the PS5) replaced under warranty? Mine has started drifting and is becoming a problem in racing games and menus.
  8. Keep trying after some intervals, might get lucky one day, that's how I managed to log back in on my mobile after a reset.
  9. In hitman games (atleast in hitman 3) the levels only have the story/cutscenes directly. So I think it should be fine but not sure as I have not played hitman 1 and 2.
  10. 2070 is 7.5 Tflops and 2070S is 9 Tflops. So why do you think they will offer better performance than 10.28 Tflops ps5 (I know it's not all about Tflops but still)? And almost all AAA games are better optimised for consoles rather than pc. I don't really care much about this topic but curious why you think 2070/2070S will be better.
  11. The image is fake, so don't go by the image. Maybe they will be the same maybe not.
  12. Why do people fall for these fake leaks every month, when will you guys learn?
  13. Spoke too soon it seems, it is taking multiple redirects to actually load the website and sometimes it just ends up in a endless loop. Something is definitely wrong with this implementation.
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