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  1. Got a quote for 1.17L for C2 55 inch from Croma (Price matched with Amazon - 1.25L, bank discount above it) Additional 12K for +3 yrs warranty on top of 2 yrs warranty from LG. The executive was pushing me towards Sony A80J 55 inch for 1.15L as well. Update: Closed the deal for C2 55 inch for 1.14L + 12K for 3 yrs warranty from Croma
  2. Guys, Need a recommendation. Looking to buy a 55" TV for the living room in Bangalore. Primary use is content consumption via OTT and Stremio. I hope to use it a little bit for gaming as well, with my old OG PS4. Maximum ₹ I plan to shell out is 80-85K. I have heard that there's a general trend that most TVs, we should use for 3, max 4 yrs and exchange away while it still is in working condition and that there's no escaping the grim possibility that one day your TV will go kaput. Do you guys think this trend is also valid for TV's in this price range as well? Interested to hear your thoughts. Where am I coming from: Samsung BU8000 55" (which I had to leave behind due to personal reasons) paired with the Edifier R1280DBs and Edifier T5 Subwoofer combination - both of which i plan to use with the new setup. What I've already seen: Sony X74K/X80K/X90K/A80K - (76-80K) X80K seems to come inside my budget while still being a really good TV. Having to pay Sony tax, yet not having features like Dolby Vision does bother me a little. Samsung Frame 2022 (83K) - Seems to be the most recommended option with the infamous Matte Display, and 100Hz VRR which makes it future proof. Yet to see in person though. Vu Masterpiece (56K) - Seems to be an interesting option I picked up from watching recommendations in YouTube around this topic. Feature packed with Dolby Atmos, 120Hz VRR, etc. for this price is swaying my decision to go with either of the above options. Should i even bother? Has anyone in this forum seen this model before? Is there any place i can see this in person in Bangalore? LG C2 (1L or above) - Drooled over it at a store. Still accepting the reality that OLEDs are out of my budget. Additionally OLED burn-in make TV go kaput these days too, right?!? Inviting recommendations, suggestions and thoughts to help make my decision. Thank you!
  3. Received an upgrade to HDFC Diners Club Black FY Free from Regalia LTF couple of days back. Few surprises i was not ready for: - NFC Payment with DCB is not supported at all - Google doesn't accept DCB cards Went through much hassle as a new card was added to my account for a week or so and then it magically disappears; then even though i kept getting calls asking if i am interested in upgrade, they can't take my request for upgrade since 'i already upgraded'. Branch visits didn't help either. Finally, emailing the grievance portal solved the issue. They quickly sent me a brand new card.
  4. MX2Games also had a similar listing with 10th Feb as release date. Out of stock though. That's when i went looking for the same thing elsewhere. Quite confusing. But will wait anyway. Thank you!
  5. Saw this: Hogwarts Legacy | Deluxe Edition | PlayStation 4 (PS4) https://amzn.eu/d/fcPTm2L It says release date is Feb 10th. But isn't it supposed to release for PS4 in April? Also, is someone able to figure out if this is Physical game or code to redeem the game from PS Store. Haven't pre-ordered games before, but a Potter head with a PS4 who can't wait to play the game.
  6. Went and looked at the 55 inch X74K/X75K 2022 model at Croma. 60-65K after all discounts. However, personally felt the Samsung BU8000 looked and felt much better. With student discount + bank offer, planning to get it for ~57K, 55 inch from Samsung website.
  7. My friend on behalf of whom I had made the booking got it today to Kannur, Kerala. Flipkart did good. Will persuade him to join the forum as well very soon.
  8. Need some recommendations on Dishwashers in case anyone has bought recently or already have been using. Initial research pointed me to very few options from IFB, Bosch, Havells, and Voltas i think. Any help would be appreciated. For use at a home of 4 people.
  9. Ordered for a friend from FK to Kannur, Kerala. Delivery on Feb 5th apparently
  10. https://www.flipkart.com/4rr/~cs-heb0od89wi/pr?sid=4rr&collection-tab-name=Sony+PlayStation+Games&otracker=clp_banner_1_5.banner.BANNER_gaming-sonyps5-store_TFC56X94FB7T Links to preordering games from FK Pre-ordered from FK for a friend. No hiccups.
  11. Better than the generic brand chairs, yes. I bought the Marvel model from them which cost me around 9K with a few spec changes. +1 for Ikea Markus, but getting it is a bit of a pain.
  12. If you're into office/ergonomic chairs, check out amplechairs.co.in Had a really good experience with them few months back. Found them via a review in youtube.
  13. Hey, Just wanted to check from where you're planning to get it from Kannur. I have a friend who's not yet part of this forum thinking of buying one too. Thanks!
  14. Acer Nitro 27-inch (68.58 cm) IPS Gaming Monitor 2560 x 1440 Resolution - 400 Nits - 2W x 2 Speakers - VG271U (Black) Amazon 25K
  15. Can you share link and your review for this please? Was thinking of picking up a chair for myself too for work and /or gaming Edit: Saw your post in other thread. Kindly ignore. Thanks!
  16. Thanks @Keano Will do that soon. Aaha? Namskaram! Njan ivide Palakkad town, Victoria College'nte oke adutha. Chettan evida?
  17. Wow! Thanks a lot @adity Will keep an eye out for those games when I'm shopping next. Adding to my list. Assassin's franchise is a favorite of mine. Haven't played any since Syndicate. Thinking of getting Origins first. Do you have any suggestions as to where i might be to find it? Pre-owned should be fine. Also what would be a good price for it? Any idea? Thanks again!
  18. Hey guys! Sudeep here. I'm new. From Palakkad, Kerala. Big fan of the whole community. Bought a pre-owned PS4 last week. Dream made reality i would say. Just getting accustomed to the whole console realm and such. Would love to hear what are some of the games you guys would recommend I'd play on it if you guys are ok to share. Hope everyone's doing great!
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