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  1. Update: This thread should be made sticky lol , enabling the ups mode from ECO in my inverter fixed my ps4 power off issue, probably saved me 5k from buying another ups for this.
  2. This thread is amazing, i got a ps4 recently and had a puzzling problem, aka whenever the power goes off the ps4 would turn off , despite having a inverter . Meanwhile TV, 2 ps3s , fans have got no issues and keep running. I went through this thread and found two things. 1) Pure sinewave inverter needed 2) Needs to be in UPS mode than ECO So i have this inverter which is pure sine wave one, but it was running in ECO mode now switched it to UPS mode will see if there is any difference https://www.flipkart.com/luminous-eco-volt-neo-1050-pure-sine-wave-inverter/p/itmb89643331fe7c#:~:text=Good inverter by Luminous Eco,sound and change the mode.
  3. Samsung are seriously have quality issues , their products might be priced well but so many product quality issues. Just had a look at https://twitter.com/SamsungIndia/with_replies And in just last 5 days found at least 10 people reporting failures with the same tv model as mine.
  4. For pure luck since we were moving to a new place at that time we bought new LG fridge and washing machine, only the tv we bought Samsung and it turned out to be a lemon Bought a LG monitor 32 inch last month as well , i will avoid Samsung
  5. I have always had a sense that something was off on this tv , and today the tv bit the dust right 3 months after the 1 year warranty ended, now the tv is stuck in a constant reboot loop, Have raised a service request... hugely disappointed at how poor quality stuff are these days. Might look into jumping to sony tvs once this gets fixed. Issue came up out of nowhere , regretting not getting extended warranty. The service person came up and straight away said that this model has this common issue and they have ordered a replacement panel but in case the display panel is not in stock a 87% refund of amount will be provided. Just a heads up for people buying samsung tvs , BUY AMC for at least 3 years.
  6. hehe it was a fun time with that slow internet speed , even my other family members used to keep a eye on the long downloads when i wasn't around
  7. Lol Noticed it now Fk is the worst , i thought rediff shopping was terrible back then but by gods fk is simply the tops, just last year i tried to buy zone of enders hd collection 3 times and all 3 times was sent the wrong game , It was nightmare returning the games for refund . I have kept on sending mails to cex to introduce online purchase for their website, so that we can have something like ebay again at least
  8. Not sure how durable the ps4 is but i used to run my ps3 for days together , all thanks horrible internet speed by bsnl and bare bones download structure of psn. The worst record not sure was trying to download god of war ascention or gta 5 both were above 25 gb and it took a week. Going by that given there is at least some sort of cooling out the console (like a fan or ac) it should run long enough.
  9. It was crazy , people would post bulk lot of games for sale , there was proper discount coupon/coins for purchases. There was that always odd seller who would fail to deliver .. There was one crazy moment i remember i was hunting for a cheap copy of Gran Turismo 6 when it came out back then and found one on ebay for 300. The crazy seller actually sent the promo disc only (zero cover or protection) in a normal post cover , i was stunned that the disc was in one piece and the game worked.
  10. My psn id : liquidsnakehpks using my ps3 and pstv for console gaming, I do try to get the plat in single games if possible , also willing to boost for ps3 games if anyone is looking for old plats to complete
  11. Really awesome to see so many people going to buy on launch here , i sat out on ps4 because it did not have the bc with ps3 and i have a huge collection that i did not want to leave behind. Sadly the ps5 is the same but at least it has ps4 games running. Do post pics/videos on launch day purchases.
  12. If we can get ebay back , it would boost a lot i miss that time when there were so many indian sellers on ebay for games , specially for retro
  13. The sony tv looks good , will look into to it, will a monitor work with older consoles like sega, nintendo and atari ?
  14. Thanks for the info , i was surpised to see the sticker on samsung qled tv, the qled brightness compared to led display is simply faboulous but the price jump , keeps it out of reach.
  15. Samsung 2020 led lineups are extremely disappointing , i bought the samsung 50tu8000 at 49k its alright nothing extraordinary for the price, i bought it because of the tvs i checked out. I had brought along a pendrive filled with different content to test and none of the other models failed to play them all like samsung did and android/iphone phone pairing was excellent and quick, i was shocked to sony tv 2020 model hang up while trying to play content from my pen drive and a qled lg model froze while i was getting the demo. The dealer sucuessfully convinced my family to go for samsung , i personally wanted to get a android tv, any idea on the best android model that matches samsung in 43 to 55 inch class ? Also whats the stigma on burn-in on qled ?, i was put off on going for one looking at huge stickers plastered on each model saying x years warranty on burn-in
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