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  1. Overwatch 2 and next COD game might be exclusive to Xbox. Or at the very least they will be on GP day 1
  2. If CoD games are exclusive to GP, I don't think they can keep making those expensive af campaigns with realism. CoD will lean towards online-only if this is to happen.
  3. What next? Buy Rockstar also 70 billion is just too hard to sink in. Almost 10 times as much as Bethesda deal
  4. Was so close to buying Death’s Door on Xbox store. Saved 1000 bucks
  5. Digital copies gonna run out. Gotta be on the safe side.
  6. Any suggestions for wireless earbuds around 10k? mainly for using while working out/running.
  7. Wait till the first week of June for Days of play official discounts. We could also be getting the rumored PS Plus + PS Now service around that time.
  8. Sony WH1000 XM4 @21k on Vijay sales. Price lower than Amazon.
  9. Djokovic lost his 2nd appeal. To be deported!
  10. Vamos


    No matter the weapon, the more you use them, the powerful they get. Once it’s properly leveled up, bosses will just melt away.
  11. I find it very hard to sympathize with Novak, despite him going through this legal battle which is very taxing on anyone's mental health. Aussie govt totally f**ked up for allowing such a loophole to exist in their covid protocols. But it's nothing compared to Novak's carelessness.... flouting covid rules, admitting to going out publicly after testing +ve. That's just ridiculous.
  12. Vamos

    Elden Ring

    Given that it's a PS5 title, haptics should be supported by default. But here is the source anyway - https://www.ungeek.ph/2021/08/elden-ring-on-ps5-no-3d-audio-but-haptic-feedback-planned/
  13. Vamos

    Elden Ring

    True… Also will be easier to sell off your PS5 copy once you’re done with the game, as there will be a wider audience. And the Dualsense haptics makes it an easy choice to go with PS5.
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