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  1. This is brilliant. Looks like it’ll be a well spent $10
  2. It’s about to best GTAV trailer in just one day. Currently at 97m
  3. It will be available only from the release date. Going by previous releases like DS, it will be Rs 500 here.
  4. The comment section of this song is so lit.
  5. Soundtrack selection is top notch, like always. This one beats GTA V reveal soundtrack.
  6. Have you checked the number of downloads on high seas? It still exists and it’s widespread. But streaming services have been credited to reducing the volume of p2p downloads, especially for movies and shows. But in gaming industry, most users are somewhat ethical and they support the developers by buying the game if they like what they pirated.
  7. Who’s the genius who wanted to release this trailer today of all days
  8. 40 million views already in less than 7 hours. insane numbers.
  9. Lucia 😍 The level of detail in the character models is amazing for a rockstar game.
  10. Already watched the trailer around 20 times since waking up. It’s amazing how well the trailer is cut and edited.
  11. More than the open world and the map, this time I’m really exited about the story. Looks like it’ll be a Bonnie & Clyde style of love story.
  12. ND is working on a brand new IP before Lou3. And going by their game history, I wouldn’t mind even if they take 5 more years coz it’ll be worth the wait.
  13. Possibly because of the multiplied popularity of YouTube now. This trailer will get more views quickly.
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