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  1. Djokovic and Nadal - only players who achieved ‘La Decima’ at a grand slam level.
  2. Pretty disappointing show overall, saved partly by Hi-Fi Rush. No release date for Forza or Starfield. Not even sure if they can pull these off in 2023.
  3. No new thread for 2023? @Assassins Creed
  4. If they manage to pull off Starfield, RedFall and Forza in the same year, it’d be unbelievable. 2023 will be Xbox’s year.
  5. Vamos

    Forza Motorsport

    So hyped for this game. Feels like proper next-gen.
  6. I’m hopeful coz it’s going to be Steam Deck verified at launch.
  7. I am eager to see how this game performs on Steam Deck. Might consider getting rid of one of my consoles and buying the Steam Deck, as I’m travelling a lot these days and not getting much time to spend on PS5/XSX
  8. Vamos


    Would’ve scored 70+ if they gave out review copies.
  9. A suggestion: scratched discs here and there are inevitable because blu-rays get scratched easily. Unless the scratches are etched onto the surface of the disc, consoles won’t have any problem reading them. Maybe you can add a disclaimer while placing a sell order on your website, saying you’d deduct 100 Rs or 150 Rs if the disc is found to have scratches. This would be much better instead of sending it back again, which is a waste of time and resources. And you can sell those scratched discs at discounted rates by adding a new grading category. This is kinda how BBTS (collectibles store in the US) sells items with damaged packaging for discounted rates and people still buy them coz they’re cheap.
  10. She’s going places. Born actress.
  11. Forbidden West Collector’s Edition. Found it from a local seller at a good price.
  12. 977 in normal user view. Does it mean Mods have removed 23 pages worth of posts in this thread?
  13. No, it’s very good. Not bad at all. But dark scenes are pixelated due to the low bitrate.
  14. I never understood the hype with Eneloops tbh. The Play-charge kit is way more convenient.
  15. Hotstar is so underrated for the quality of shows it offers. The 1500 plan is excellent value for money. However, I rarely use it for anything other than sports.
  16. Hotstar streaming TLOU at 3.2 mbps Looks horrible. I guess I’ll download some 4K HDR version from tbp.
  17. Is it going to premiere on Hotstar? No info about it anywhere.
  18. Apart from this, the driving mechanics and overall experience is pretty mediocre as well. Personally, I haven’t been able to enjoy the races or the open world. Played for around 5 hrs when it came out and never went back again.
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