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  1. The ball never touched his hand. This is just being viewed from the wrong angle. From this angle, it just touched his head. People think referees miss stuff. But they rarely do. They catch everything. Intentional handball does mean an automatic yellow card, unless it is clearly breaking a goal scoring opportunity or an attack towards the goal. In cases like these, it’s upto the referee. However, it was still risky and Messi just did this on a whim.
  2. You’re one of the Xbox enthusiasts here and don’t feel True Achievements is safe?
  3. It’s true that it has nothing to do with the result and if France won yesterday, no one would talk about how well Argentina played in the first “n” minutes. We’re only talking about it because it deserves to be mentioned. I have never seen France so lost for 70+ mins. Barely had any attempts on goal. Like @SuperT said, that's the beauty of this game. All it takes is a slight push to shift the momentum.
  4. Ture. Di Maria always turns up in big games. He toyed with Dembele and Kounde.. it was embarrassing to watch. After his substitution, they lost all tooth in attack. He should've stayed on a bit more.
  5. France's team lacks experienced players, it's mostly all kids. They were always going to lose in penalties. Also, respectfully disagree about the luck part. Taking penalties is a skill. It is more psychological imo. Like yesterday, the goalkeeper's attitude made all the difference. Martinez started with his mind games and also showed great character on the field, while Lloris was on the backfoot. Did you miss the entire first 75 mins of the match?
  6. Not just this. He did make an insane save in Extra time in the closing minutes of the match that literally kept the score @ 3-3 He also got into Tchouameni’s head before his penalty kick by throwing away the ball instead of handing it to him. He missed the penalty later. Martinez is nothing short of a genius GK. He had been instrumental in 2021 Copa title as well.
  7. People are talking about him and also about Di Maria (who was my MOTM from yesterday’s match). It’s just that you are following mainstream media, who tend to cover headlines and not the fine print.
  8. I never said UCL is required for being the goat. You can ask any fan/player what’s the most difficult trophy in domestic football is for them, and they’d say it’s the league title and not UCL. I consider Modric to be one of the all time greats, sometimes even better than Messi in terms of the impact he has on games. Just because he hasn’t won the World Cup, doesn’t take anything away from his Goat status, just like how Messi would still have been considered the GOAT irrespective of yesterday’s result.
  9. That’s literally the most inaccurate statement you can make about football in general. Club football makes for 80-85% of any player’s career. That’s how football works, even though world cups are very special. Mbappe has 2 more chances before he turns 35, to go +1 on Messi in World Cup titles won. It’s literally impossible to guarantee that he will win another World Cup. The only difference is, Mbappe won it early and Messi towards the end of his career. And moreover, Messi has a Copa America (corrected - typo), while Mbappe has no Euro title
  10. Mbappe has been scoring all those goals in the farmers league in France, whereas Messi at that age scored them in La liga and against top teams in UCL
  11. This final should’ve ended 2-0 in normal time. France were completely outplayed and embarrassed in first half and 2nd half, up until the 80th min. One small defensive f**k up by Otamendi and it derailed the entire Arg team and allowed France to get back into it, within 3 mins. I haven't even seen Mbappé in the first 80mins of the match. Argentina pocketed him and didn’t allow him to make a run.
  12. Mbappe - Man of the match Messi is player of the tournament for consistently scoring in group stage, R16, QF, SF and Final.
  13. This. Martinez is the real MVP. He made three saves in the Copa sf last year and two saves against Netherlands in the qf. And now the save again in the final. 🙏
  14. Di Maria you beauty. What a superb counter attacking goal MY GOOOOD
  15. Going by total time played, I played more Xbox this year, thanks to Flight Sim (around 150 hours). Followed by Switch and PS5
  16. @gecko89 - What’s your apex legends playtime?
  17. The salt is real And while Gary Neville said it wasn’t a penalty, Peter Walton (former referee) in the same studio said it was Gk’s fault and it is a clear penalty. (Source) I would rather believe a former referee than a former player, when it comes to the laws of the game.
  18. Messi needs no validation from anyone. He’s been doing this for the last 20 years to every top team/player all around the world. And even at 35yo, he’s sending defenders into shadow realms. It was a soft pen, but a pen nonetheless. Gk clearly fouled Alvarez, crossed his leg after the ball went past him and on the opposite side of the ball.
  19. Nothing feels odd. You’re probably still in disbelief after watching Messi do this.
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