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  1. 46 min mark, for delay update Senior producer for the game Very informative podcast Addressing many facets of the game world
  2. Also are guyz here playing battlefront 2 anytime? Would be cool to play some coop or pvp
  3. Probably different, or if it is , its not with cal anymore, cause cals likes lukes fathers age. nice episode though, so many callbacks, great execution Dark saber sh*t and mando are legit
  4. Played a hell lot of jedi knight series as a kid , and even as an adult, never gets old Lightsaber combat was also good in revenge of the sith ps2 game Excited for kotor remake Btw people watching boba fett ?? Noticed the BD droid in last ep ?
  5. Also it will be good if we place orders for physical on one website Higher chance of getting through maybe , bulk orders Gamenations, gts, gameloot are worthy options
  6. As we are nearing launch Can we do a quick count of preorders from ivg, especially disk Since pata nhi whats the behind the scenes availability,(after xbox no show ) Might help us to tally our orders on launch day
  7. Good Area design and world outlay and all connected with lore and quests, and its gonna be fine Its obviously no regular open world From games are always tight so no issue with open world i hope
  8. I cant rush in souls games, have to soak in and discover all the juicy details and environment, alongside watching vaati, iron pineapple fextra and cowboys insights as well Pro-ness ke liye pvp tourney rakh lenge
  9. Yeah i cant find any news about dice game either, just that bfront3 cancelled and a new battlefield is being made by them
  10. Daamn, they really went all out Hype!!!
  11. gts gameloot gamenation ppcgamer all taking retail preorders on hopes of importing i guess the games not even listed on amazon n flipkart Doubts over all retail preorders being fulfilled , including sony ones
  12. 100% Didnt like the previous two editions But this looks like they put in some work in creating an engaging game..
  13. Sounds like less than 10 preorders maybe
  14. Ready to lose myself in dungeons castles and caves
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