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  1. This dumb peacock advertisement is intolerable.
  2. that match would have been excited even if australian loose that match bcs its afgh on the other side
  3. havent you seen the aus vs afgh match, that was something new in the cricket i think
  4. after watching pet cummins old interview, i want our team to thrash Australians in this series. when asked whose yorker you liked the most bumrahs or shaheen, he said shaheed bcs he is not an Indian, wth abb indians se kya personal prblm hai ise
  5. thats because India was dominating all the matches in the world cup which makes all the matches one sided and also boring
  6. bas abb aur yaad mat dilao yar.😒
  7. i dont know if this video is already posted or not, just look at the reaction of the players, specially iyyars, nothing wrong in encouraging our playrs but why modiji bring camera man with him, he can encourage them without camera also. who knows this make them even more upset, i mean they were all mourning and all of the sudden there is a camera infront of their faces, look at KL i can bet he was crying back in that room.
  8. Sachin was 38 in 2011 World cup, virat is one of the most fit players in the world, he will make it in 2027 world cup.
  9. Maybe not last for kohli, he is in great shape and can continue comfortably till 39. Cant say that for rohit
  10. Australians truly deserve to be a champion. What a game. Im sad for rohit though, this could be his last world cup
  11. Ha bc kya kr rha hai ye, jyada pressure le lia lgta hai
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