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  1. Telented chor, engine chalana ata tha
  2. Leviathan axe would be awesome in place of Mjollnir,no?
  3. Its a joke and funny stuff thread right and men are same all across the border, its nothing to do with indians specifically I'd definitely feel harrased and would file a case if she turned out to be ugly
  4. Completed 1st and half of 2nd season of the expanse. Loved it so far. thx for recommending it. feels like it took me in its arms.
  5. Your post remind me of this, this video revealed the bitter truth of pharma industry of our country and why we should better avoid taking medicine as much as possible, what i mean is i have seen people who used to take medicine just for normal cold, thats not good. This video also gives us the idea about how poorly public policies are formed in our country.
  6. Yes moon knight is also a nice one ,something different
  7. Loki is also a good one from phse 4, it has old vibes. Waiting for season 2
  8. For non medical ppl we sometimes dont know how much they exaggerate it but someone with medical background they can enjoy it as they would consider them as a judge, they would know about the symptoms related to a diseases they are showing is right or not. I think i would enjoy more if i be watching it with someone medical background
  9. I lost 7 kg in one and half month, from 72 to 65. I was at 65kg in march, put on little more than 7kg in three months. I wanted to lose some weight because of my sister's wedding ceremony in feb It took little efforts,i followed a fatloss diet of 1500 calories, in 500 deficit than my maintenance calories. My macros are : carbs:100g, protein:150g, fats:60g. With 5 days a week excersize. I only eat eggs no meat, so it took little more effort to maintain 150g of protein. Now that i have achieved my goal in weight but still have some fat on my body, i will change my diet and jump on to clean gaining diet for clean gain but no fat and after maybe 69 or 70kg will change my diet again for fat loss. I hope i will achieve what i have pictured, a lean body till feb. Im sharing this if anyone need any help .
  10. Bro they are as natural as you are being straight.
  11. I agree so far i have seen three movies of phase 4 and i hate it. No way home 🥱 Multiverse madness 😒 Shang chi 🤮 All these three movies failed to shock and excite me, they feel so plain and i cant connect with them, im also confused and unable to figured it out wheather these movies are sh*t or i grew up in the journey from first movie of phase one . But i think the hype of end game was so high in me that now its very hard to make me excited once again.
  12. Oh nice im excited, so they build up the story and characters in the first season i think, i will start the first season today. Right now im into house md. and to be honest im struggling with medical terms they keep using, like short forms of diseases and diagnosis. Kind of frustating some time but im sure every medical professional would love the show as they already know whatever they are showing is true or not.
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