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  1. Yes leon was fantastic, in those five rounds it doesn't feel that his rival was the kumaru usman, he's that good. Gaethje was fun to watch, what a killer match that was but he never gonna win against makhachev, nonchance. Once Justin goes to the ground, the match is over.
  2. Will the Nigerian nightmare able to take back his throne, we will see on this Sunday.
  3. Ya i know but he was a cheater
  4. Recently watched makhachev vs volkanovski, missed the live What a match it is, volkanovski is truly amazing,he totally deserve the title shot. I cant believe on my eyes the way he defended himself on the ground. But makhachev still comes out to be the best. I know everyone want to see the champion to lose but he's the best and i dont see anyone dethroning him anytime soon.
  5. Even if he defeats stipe in july there always be people like you who dont believe him as a GOAT and im not talking about jon jones only, i dont think there is any GOAT in any field who has everyone's support.
  6. Once a cheater always a cheater.
  7. #bring_back_random_stuff_thread I cant stop myself sharing this. This came as a shock to me, how easily world can be fooled.
  8. Heavy driver But saying this on a national television take guts and 75 percent less brain power than the normal person.
  9. Could be a publicity stunt by microsoft to catch some eyes
  10. He is the best, he deserve stardom like zakir or bassi but idk why he is not that crazy famous.
  11. Title- Homeland I wish i can also say that for my homeland lekin itni ghatiya jagah hai kuch kr bhi nhi skte.
  12. Before i just dont want to marry but now im scared too, thank you guys
  13. I can donate but it can take some time bcs i have completed only 5% till now and there is a wedding in my family early next month and then just after that im going on a trip. So, have no time to even touch my ps till march But if you can complete it in a month of feb i can send it. Btw its a PS4 disc
  14. I think hes trying to be shana infront of his date and lied because nobody at such position going to reveal a secret at a cost where not only his job is at the stake but the entire company and that too on a third date.
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