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  1. I dont think that white pigments caused by food or anything. Thats just a myth. Im not saying there is no problem in eating fish with milk or tea.may be theire duo has some adverse effect. But that desease has nothing to do with (unusual) eating habits.
  2. Remembring old days,when i love to do mistakes. Mistakes cant be afford now,life takes over For better experience try in high bass system. (Best part from 2:04)
  3. Homemade f.fries Not that tasty but atleast preservatives free.
  4. Love everything about this song. its lyrics,its music,its video, message in the song. Everything💟
  5. Dont know about the dish.but dadiji's reaction is mind blowing.😆
  6. I cant even think about 200km on bycycle. Thats crazy bro.Hats off You are our ivgs Milind soman🤣 Your image in my head👇
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