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  1. I see your point but imo, plats are basically mindless grind, collect this that etc in many cases imo, beating DE on Nightmare requires true skill and mastery of the game's mechanics in-depth, you get to appreciate the true spirit of the game and get your money's full worth imo
  2. trophies are basically to show off to your friends beating Doom Eternal on Nightmare difficulty is a trophy worthy achievement (or even more) which you can tell (show off) to your friends to let them know who da boss is
  3. you should try nightmare difficulty in another save slot, the game really comes alive but don't try nightmare in dlcs now before beating main game in nightmare it'll be a nightmare
  4. your points are invalid as gamepass has 493 games right now, even if there are 100 copy paste games, there are still 393 unique ones. Go view the whole library first before commenting. Many people just don't know what the library contains and still make *ahem* comments
  5. Completed Katana Zero absolutely just in time as it's leaving gamepass on 15th Oct, today! What an incredible, intense and absolutely stylish action game!! 9/10 easily and to be continued also in the next game! Credits scene - those who didn't complete this game before it leaves gamepass today
  6. Which buttons do you press exactly to do this? I have an older OLED and need to go to all settings -> energy saving -> screen off
  7. video should have been better for a more concrete case, this video has these weaknesses 1) amazon's cardboard box opened beforehand 2) bottom of the ps5 box not shown as sealed but this is serious massive ball-shriveling f**kup if true
  8. A poem - Forth went the thunder god Riding on his Filly. "I'm Thor!" He cried. His horse replied.... "You forgot your thaddle thilly!"
  9. 0verlord

    Scarlet Nexus

    Looks a LOT like Nier Automata
  10. Halo Infinite is easily winning among Halo and Battlefield. Don’t know about cod vanguard
  11. Watched the whole video. Giving me Cyberpunk 2077 vibes. How come it’s this broken 🙄
  12. Finished Returnal now playing, Katana Zero and Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PS5 version
  13. Then Give money to your future child to buy all games they may want at the right time
  14. You are repeating same things from a few weeks/months ago and got the thread locked
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