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  1. This is definitely IVG Hall of Fame yaar last time I read something like this was when zodka was going off about how powerful XSX was, going “boi, boi” if anyone remembers that exact comment, please quote it again for the lolz
  2. 0verlord

    Diablo IV

    Ashava solo’d 😳 it’s a world boss which is meant to be beaten by 12 max level players fighting it simultaneously and the boss can easily one-shot such high level players, so it requires a high level of skill and strategy to pull this off solo
  3. 0verlord

    Diablo IV

    Thanks a lot, was watching this video which you may find interesting
  4. 0verlord

    Diablo IV

    Damn this is a f**king incredible game, played for hours but felt like minutes is this love?? Imo this is better than even elden ring, with interesting and understandable lore, superb artwork on the levels, superb sound effects and music, and a lot of action. Will play D4 day 1 for sure D4 beta ends tonight but I’ve bought D2 and D3. Which of D2 and D3 is closest to D4 and which one among the three is the best?
  5. 0verlord

    Resident Evil 4

    There’s another problem with ps5 version as below. They should fix this blurry-ness and flickering issues in next patches. Good that I skipped RE4 at launch as I am going to play RE2&3 soon, will play RE4 after that, hopefully ps5 version will be fixed by that time
  6. Where did you buy the replacement switches? Also, what key difference are you noticing between the reds and the yellows?
  7. No Xbox Game Studios in the list which is an embarrassment tbh
  8. Use free Spotify tier for music discovery and paid Apple Music for listening to your favourite songs in highest quality - that’s the best way to do it
  9. Your life will change once you learn how to do Mikiri
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