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  1. PS4 sales peaked in Q3 FY2016 at 9.7 million per quarter can anyone knowledgeable share key highlights like major game releases etc leading to such high sales for this quarter? also, same question about Q3 FY2017 where 9 million PS4 sil
  2. Dekh @radicaldude aise useful Tweets post karte hai, kuch seekh
  3. Go play especially Curse of Dead Gods is like Hades
  4. We are not taking about who is eating the langar food but about the quality of the food itself hence, “premium” langar is not oxymoron
  5. for n00bs, just watch last 3 minute summary. You'll realize the majesty of PS5's technical superiority
  6. PS5 better than PC, PS5's Custom I/O is back baby
  7. Just buy a 1TB hdd for 3-4k a smart gamer can make things work with 300gb SSD + 1TB hdd without too much inconvenience
  8. FirstCry the baby store sells Switch games https://www.firstcry.com/nintendo/nintendo-mario-rabbids-kngdom-battle-nintendo-switch-video-game-multicolour/11258724/product-detail
  9. Lol, I am at Leyndell Royal capital beginning after 126 hours and I am not wasting time but being completionist, beating as many bosses as possible
  10. Which camera are you using for these excellent looking pics?
  11. Bought my first ever Switch games in which order should I play?
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