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  1. My favourite from the Karnivool below. I saw them live when they headlined my college’s cult fest. When they started playing Cote, I just closed my eyes and got swept away into the music
  2. Looks fantastic great that they are bringing more and more characters from the comics
  3. I paid 1500 for 2 tix @ IMAX with laser theatre at pvr lower parel, 2nd day of Dr Strange 2 release - worth it Gorgeous visuals theatres, especially imax theatres are a temple and a price can’t be put on the divine experience
  4. How come your English reading skills are so weak that you are getting confused like this?
  5. Any rumours on actual additional money we have to pay to upgrade from current ps plus to plus extra? Say if we have 1 year and 10 months left on current ps plus, how much money is required to be paid to convert? also can we convert some months as desired or all months will be forcibly converted?
  6. 0verlord

    Apex Legends

    Is Apex Legends ranked mode as good as Halo Infinite's ranked?
  7. @Assassins Creed please note Demon’s Souls inclusion
  8. initially, I wanted XOneX for the sole purpose of playing RDR2 at native 4K@30fps, I didn’t want to play it on PS4 Pro as checkerboarding wasn’t all that good then I joined IVG where people suggest going for XSX if feasible as it’s much better than XOneX. Meanwhile I also got to know the Gamepass 3 year conversion process which added the incentive playing RDR2 at native 4K was really my original and main motivation for purchasing XSX and also the 1st game that I played on XSX. Damn, I was so blown away with the gfx fidelity of RDR2@XSX coming from PS4 Pro games
  9. Completed Gorogoa from Gamepass 4.5/5 absolutely fantastic game which you can finish in 1 hour or so Very innovative and refreshing, must play
  10. That’s not console wars. Console wars are disgusting, I am not interested at all. Now a days, I rarely post for console warring because it’s a waste of time my only question is whether new ps plus will give ps5 patch wherever available and that’s relevant to this thread
  11. Even if you own ps5, you could be restricted to ps4 version of the game when that game is added to old ps plus. This may continue with new ps plus, that’s the L when any game is added to Gamepass, XSX owners always get the XSX next gen version
  12. yes, it will be a big L considering how Gamepass always gives the best/next gen versions for XSX/S owners
  13. You can negate drifting if you tweak settings in Halo
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