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  1. I am using iPhone 14 Pro for a month or so. I charge the phone in the morning. I simply can’t get the battery to drop below 40% in 24 hours before I put it to charge in the morning the next day. 120hz mode is always on or basically the low framerate toggle iz off Like right now, my battery is 82% and I charged today morning. Daily, I keep using my phone normally for all usual stuff including a few calls, web surfing, media, YouTube, office stuff etc Insane battery and this is not even the Pro Max model iOS 16.1.1
  2. Qatar v Senegal 0-1 (predicting at 10 min mark with 0-0 score so please take it) Netherlands v Ecuador 3-0 England v USA 3-0
  3. Excellent side by side comparison
  4. Bought these GoW Ragnarok CE items! Mjolnir is a beauty and this is my first ever (partial) Collector’s edition that I ever bought!
  5. Bought these GoW Ragnarok CE items for 6k! Mjolnir is a beauty and this is my first ever (partial) Collector’s edition that I ever bought!
  6. Switzerland vs Cameroon 2-0 Uruguay vs South Korea 2-1 Portugal vs Ghana 4-0 Brazil vs Serbia 3-0
  7. I watched Kantara last weekend. I found it to be massively better than KGF ch2 and amazing by itself. Anyone who hasn’t caught it should watch it in theatres before it goes
  8. Yes, I tried arrows to get her down under AssBhai’s guidance but it didn’t work at all. Then I read in a Sony blog post on gmgow mode that arrows are deliberately disabled and we have to go the hard way to beat her move
  9. D-pad down button. Standard move for quick turn back in Ragnarok, its L1 + d-pad down button
  10. I am surprised that you guys are expecting so much from an app like jiocinema 😂 From the start, I didn’t at all think it would provide robust streaming performance and handle high amount of India traffic - that too for free? No way 🤣
  11. Match Day 2 England vs Iran 0-3 Senegal vs Netherlands 3-1 United States vs Wales 4-1
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