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  1. I compared r***dude quoting his own posts to him licking his own arsehole. That was meant in a completely derogatory way, no imagination involved. Just to clarify, what I meant was that he was doing chutipaya of the highest degree
  2. 0verlord

    Doom Eternal

    Let the slaying begin
  3. 0verlord

    Doom Eternal

    Is Console next gen update live? Anyone got it?
  4. @people - argue with this person at your own peril. He does not have skin in the game yet.
  5. f**king delicious 🤤
  6. Do you have a PS5 or XSX?
  7. reminds me of “licking one’s own arsehole”
  8. MS launched XSX day 1 with the world and I got the console in hand on the 3rd day but PS5 on the other hand in India launched months late - no rat’s arse given
  9. plague tale is already on Gamepass if it comes on ps plus - then my dilemma will be whether to play ps5 version or XSX version next gen updates drop on 6th July
  10. I think that if everyone, and I mean everyone, got together for a meet and had long discussions, it’d be super awesome! I think gaming brings people together like nothing else. It is a great platform to bring like-minded people together and in the back of mind, everyone is very happy to found this company of people irrespective of arguments. Maza to ayega hi 😁😆
  11. @mods please don’t ban anyone here or remove posts. It’s just too funny we need this
  12. I used a normal seagate hdd for game saves, you would need a separate pen drive as hdd only takes games and not saves afaik
  13. yes. Gamepass also has the EA play version which has the next gen upgrades. I am currently playing it. So ps5 should get the upgrades through EA play
  14. they should just say God of War 2 (year of release)
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