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  1. I think we have to appreciate the level of detail and value there is in Saiko’s posts and the level of effort that he puts in to explain when someone asks unlike some miscreants who copy paste value-less Twitter nonsense as a pathetic desperate plea for attention
  2. This is irrespective of screen response?
  3. How far should you sit from TV if you have 4K resolution 65 inch TV?
  4. Why not post it in Halo thread? posting it here unnecessarily is clearly pathetic attention seeking behavior
  5. Which foam tips are you looking at?
  6. Azathoth


    A suggestion that can help with any boss/enemy is to not constantly keep shooting. Observe boss’ attacks and determine when to dodge, after that get into a good position and start shooting this will need a calm head and fighting the instinct to constantly keep shooting
  7. Azathoth


    *dreadbound and is probably the best weapon in the game
  8. There’s a good amount of changes you can do, just explore ‘personalization’ menu in the settings -
  9. Azathoth


    Why what happened? Makes you want to play for hours right?
  10. This applies to Horizon Forbidden West actually saying this after having played more than 50 hours of ER and HWF
  11. The Boys S03E06 is something we have been waiting years for. It’s finally here. Go watch it asap best 5 minutes of the whole series in this episode
  12. Azathoth


    Interesting, co-op seems to make things a lot more dynamic
  13. Greatest in terms of satisfaction of kills and very low TTK I mean
  14. Shock rifle is definitely the greatest weapon @TRMNTR
  15. Possibly one of the best plays I’ve seen since the launch of Halo Infinite at 1:38 in video below just listen to the commentators! When I watched this play during the full match, my excitement went through the roof and this play is against Optic who won 2 out of last 3 pro series grand finals in a dominating fashion Stellur - such a f**king badass with nerves of steel
  16. In addition to 6799, he also paid the base price for 1159 days of ps plus we are somehow conveniently ignoring base price we paid for our on-going subscription and only thinking about the upgrade extra cost
  17. why do people stupidly comment here about what games are worthwhile on Gamepass with absolutely NO knowledge of actually what’s in the library and what’s coming in future
  18. Azathoth


    Seems easier in co-op because boss is 1, players are 2 for example, phrike can only do its melee attack on 1 player who can focus on dodging that melee attack while 2nd player can keep shooting peacefully when playing single player, we have to shoot and dodge at the same time which can be very tricky to balance all on our own
  19. truth be told, even ps5 and xsx are both pathetic, unable to go beyond 30fps when you turn RT on and crank settings to high. 30fps in 2022 on the most powerful next gen console, what a joke this whole conversation is a joke from the beginning itself
  20. this state is as things stand now with ue5 matrix demo was practically a non-feasible level of performance ue5 isn’t still fully optimized isn’t it? it’s still evolving I mean, the engine development isn’t independent of ps5/xsx/xss hardware capabilities is it? in 2-3 years, things could be much different
  21. how do you know ue5 will be more taxing overall? it could make things less taxing as well there’s fsr 2.0 there’s increasing comfort and skills of devs with new hardware as we go deeper into the gen all of this could make XSS output 1080p 60fps with RT with ease on most titles in 2-3 years and onwards
  22. Games which run on XSS at 1440p 60fps Doom Eternal Call of Duty Cold War Bright Memory CoD Vanguard 900p-1440p at 120fps Gears 5 Gears Tactics Injustice Gods among us Ori 4k 60fps Outriders Star wars squadrons Tales of arise 1440p 45fps many others at 1440p 30fps if it can handle Gears 5 at 1440p 60fps, that’s next-gen enough. Only need competent developers
  23. Gamepass is really a pioneering move across the industry seeing as how PS owners are finally understanding and highly appreciating the value of such services
  24. Azathoth


    I played whole Returnal twice with sun fragments ending without bumper jumper setting now, I have 180 hours in Halo WITH bumper jumper setting expecting to kill in Returnal now with that Halo bumper jumper muscle memory and Doom Eternal also almost 1.5 DLC left playing Halo does wonders for all fps and tps games
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