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  1. Done with Yuffie DLC Sonon, what a solid dude Can’t wait for Rebirth
  2. I have KZ ZSX. I think the custom cables are compatible with my IEMs. How do the custom cables help / make the sound better?
  3. Are these popping up all over the world? Seems like an Avengers level event
  4. The Coalition = 🙏 a force to be reckoned with in terms of graphical prowess their UE5 Gears entry will set new benchmarks for next-gen visuals considering their track record, hope it comes soo
  5. What would be the total cost of building such a PC from scratch? Also for 3080ti PC? I think there’s no point in console equivalent level PC, at that point console makes more sense because of its simple plug-and-play nature. Rather go for a powerful PC overall and play in altogether different league in terms of performance, which only a PC can achieve - that would be its USP
  6. We also wanted to provide an update on the PlayStation Plus Collection that has been offered as a benefit to PlayStation Plus members on PS5 since 2020. On May 9 the PlayStation Plus Collection will no longer be offered. If you haven’t redeemed the titles in this collection yet, you can still do so until May 9, which will enable you to access those titles even after this date for as long as you remain a PlayStation Plus member. https://blog.playstation.com/2023/02/01/playstation-plus-monthly-games-for-february-evil-dead-the-game-olliolliworld-destiny-2-beyond-light-mafia-definitive-edition/
  7. For me, remittances are for US equity investments and I use a bank to make the remittance to my broker The bank already has systems in place to deduct and process TDS only problem is I as a customer will have to pony up more ₹ to remit the same $ and the increased ₹ will come back to me in a roundabout fashion without any interest on it - an increased “working capital” situation for me - major impact, while the bank will have less impact as I am double less business with them but will continue to do - so the bank may not have high incentive to create a sh*t storm
  8. So orange box will remain available on XSX and newer boxes yes?
  9. How to make a sh*t storm about this?
  10. Basically, 20% TCS will be deducted when we send money abroad for investment, then we need to get the TCS deduction certificate, then claim TCS tax credit while filing ITR. 2 implications: 1) irritation of these additional steps of claiming tax credit 2) govt can keep track of all such remittances, which it already does when we file required forms for remittances. In such forms, you have to specify the purpose which can be overseas equity investments and also which stocks like Apple for example is my interpretation correct?
  11. You can get it on xbox one and xbox series even after 360 removal Who’s actively playing on 360 these days anyway
  12. Finished this yesterday, a superb very fleshed-out game. Ending is confusing and I hate these whispers - so many why, when, who and whats started dlc - combat looks more fun compared to base game
  13. 0verlord

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Hi-fi rush is incredible, instantly get into a zen state, especially that beat hit mechanic 🙌
  14. You can check my battle also, it’s my best Sekiro boss battle -
  15. Forza Motorsport seems to be the best looking and most interesting racing game among FH5, GT7, NFS, all others. I am most hyped for it out of showcase games
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