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  1. You can’t share Netflix accounts they have clamped down brutally on account sharing in India
  2. How are you managing this considering Netflix’s “household” restrictions?
  3. Kya mc log hai, should pay us interest for keeping our money and infinitely delaying delivery
  4. What’s that Bloodborne thing? Please send more pics of that
  5. Please suggest good games in the sale with awesome deals which can run on the steam deck Also, is it a good idea to buy Witcher 1 now - mostly to enjoy the story?
  6. Please suggest good games in the sale with awesome deals which can run on the steam deck
  7. Is Hori Split Pad Pro the best for Switch in handheld mode for ergonomics and quality of buttons and sticks?
  8. you have made your last mistake insulting Snake like that on this forum
  9. Watched 1st episode of blue eye samurai - intriguing but the nudity though 😂 How’s the remaining season? Action packed and intense?
  10. Returned the fake Airpod Pros to Amazon today finally after 15 days 😅 at least they resolved the issue but after too much hassle and unnecessary distress for me
  11. This is absolutely brilliant 🤩 genius 😂 collection of world cup memes https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cz1xvK0sOPD/?igshid=NTYzOWQzNmJjMA==
  12. killer instinct and attacking cricket in India is missing right now
  13. Thanks a lot for this list I’ll be looking to buy SDO once it’s available
  14. I just now saw the 2003 final highlights. India should tear Aus apart tomorrow. Ganx faad ke haat me dena chahiye. Ponting ki ruuh kamp jani chahiye BC. Revenge to be served red hot
  15. I have used it on 2 iPhones and my Switch I was actually asking him for his “experience” and hoping for an “animated reply but it was disappointing at best
  16. reminding me of 2003 final. Hated that game. Absolutely hope crushing day it was
  17. Did you use this product for the 1st time? If yes, how was your experience?
  18. bhai don’t listen to these Android fanboys. iOS is the best and iPhones are more reliable and premium devices with solid service. Go with 15Pro Max it is
  19. These were legendary bowlers 🙏 super deadly
  20. 0verlord


    Shitt, I’ve played 45 hours and I am comparatively crap at this game
  21. 0verlord


    How many hours total have you played to get to this level?
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