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  1. Ok you win, don’t reply to my posts from now onwards.
  2. I don’t like to binge games. Since you replied, you are also spending the weekend here rather than playing your PS5. Tell me. After Demon’s Souls and 10 hour Miles DLC, what other worthwhile exclusive is there? I am waiting to buy PS5 after 3-4 years when there at at least 10-12 exclusives available.
  3. I counted 30+ solid chunky games I haven't played on GP+EA Play library. Depends on how many games you have already played. I have mainly played PS exclusives on the Pro till now. Taking average ₹800 per game, it's value is ₹24k at least, counting only these 30 games. There are 350+ total games available today. Plus new games being added and to be added are a cherry on top. GP is actually subsidizing 50k spent on XSX. Also, XSX by itself is sold at a loss. It feels like MS is actually paying me to play
  4. Doom Eternal released in March 2020, is on GP from Oct 2020 Not to mention, all EA Play library added in Nov
  5. XSX CPU is way stronger. Games like Just Cause 3 which ran very badly due to weak X1X CPU, now run rock solid on XSX
  6. I played TLOU2 on Pro with 4K HDR TV - looks quite gorgeous, the grass will blow you away
  7. B Boring........... If PS5 is so powerful, why don't you buy it and play on it? Why are you spending time and energy on convincing "dumb" Xbots?
  8. PCs can't compete with XSX on cost. You have to spend 1lakh+ to get your hands on a decent PC. XSX - only 50K - plug and play nature, has only 2 cords hdmi and power, no cumbersome assembly process, gives amazing performance per ₹ and Gamepass to give you a gigantic library to start off with at minimal pricing with an arguably awesome controller - only dualsense may be better
  9. I agree that dualsense is the only nextgen cotroller. I think MS has not focused on exclusives and have bundled xbox with pc as a strategy - only thoughts, I don't have actual knowledge
  10. That will run BC on next gen as someone pointed out - likely that no conclusion can be drawn on XSX vs PS5 Also as wolf says, only "1st party" exclusives can actually tell the real story of graphics power of a console - I am starting to appreciate his point.
  11. I said we are less than a month into the next gen. What has "What's coming out next month?!" got to do with what I said? I don't know when the so-called "Tools" will be ready or whatever.
  12. No it doesn't unless you are a game dev and/or a console hardware/software dev and you understand what's the actual reason. Right now we are just outsiders who can only look at things as they stand today - any comment about future performance and exclusive games including mine is pure speculation but it's fun to discuss all these things - and if it's anything different for you then your comments should be avoided
  13. I agree and the XSX under-performance case makes it quite interesting. Further if it had been like X1X vs Pro, PS fanboys would only have a refuge in exclusives. Ponies should be thankful that current games are performing better on PS5 and that may be a limited time situation only - we are less than a month into the next gen.
  14. Gears 2 and 3 are from X360 which I am going to play, no remaster. There are several other examples. You can read lists available on the internet. Another example is Mass Effect trilogy which is quite awesome, available on X360 gen and on Gamepass right now. I think people haven’t checked the Gamepass library and severely underestimating it.
  15. It’s great that Xbox is following a different strategy like Gamepass etc. Because if both had fully focused on exclusives we wouldn’t have gotten great stuff like Gamepass, back compat etc. Sony takes care of exclusives and Xbox takes care of others. It’s a win win for guys like me who own both PS and Xbox
  16. I didn’t know it was debunked because I don’t keep scanning the internet 24x7 following every story. I have other things to do too like gaming, a job etc If you hadn’t noticed, only Sony has been pursuing exclusives very strongly over the last 5 years or more. MS’s strategy strategy for Xbox is not ‘exclusives’ focused. After X1X, I believe MS’s strategy was to provide best multi-plat performance, back compat and Gamepass. I bought my first Xbox as XSX. I haven’t played Xbox all my life. But due to back compat efforts of MS, I can today experience hundreds of games of last 20 years which I have missed on Xbox side. For example, I am currently playing Gears of War Ultimate edition which was originally from X360, and it’s pretty amazing and is considered as a legendary game. PS5 supports only PS4 game, anyone new to PS is deprived of awesome games from PS3, PS2, PS1 Don’t pass stupid judgement on MS ignorantly. Actually looks at what they are trying to do with Xbox over last 5 years. If you stopped to actually think a little and try to jog the few brains cells that you have, you may have some hope to understand. Read Phil’s interviews.
  17. I think I read one of your comments where you said you had an xbox but it failed and became a paper weight, that's why you hate xbox so much
  18. Point well taken Next stop in console wars - Cyberpunk 2077 @AnK From my limited experience at IVG, I think that you are the only truly worthwhile opponent from PS side for console wars
  19. Multi-plats are the only games where a comparison can be made. Isn't the purpose of console wars is to declare superiority over the other
  20. I respectfully disagree. Just watch from 10:50 till 11:25 - those sequences have super heavy intense graphics sections and many objects/particles and with 4K, RT enabled - XSX with more CUs is able to do locked 60fps while PS5 with less CUs drops to 40s. New next gen games will have super heavy intense graphics sections and many objects/particles and with RT enabled. XSX can possibly win in those cases. @AnK check this video from 10:50 till 11:25. Not trying to spark a war, just want your comments on my above thoughts. Most cases till now where PS5 has won is 120fps mode due PS5's faster frequencies.
  21. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kspw-4paT-eE5-mrCrc4R9tg70lH2ZTFrJOUmOtOytg/edit Re-posting this google docs link here for all Gamepass games - has all GP games sorted by Metacritic, availability etc.
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