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  1. I currently use Oppo Enco w51 for calling, meetings and music. So far haven't received any complaints about the mic quality or anything, and tbh its actually decent. If it falls within budget, its pretty good. Has ANC as well which works amazing for the price and the sound quality is also good.
  2. Do y'all use a steering wheel for GT or use the controller?
  3. Just saw this. Got perfumes for the family, kept aside some amount for future gifts and treated myself with Mx Master 3.
  4. Are there any wall mounts available in India for the PS5? Looking to clean up some space on my desk by moving the PS5 around. Current setup looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/rbUFYz2 Thought of putting a shelf above the monitor and placing it on top of it but worried of it falling and wires being visible. Another option is to put it under the desk, will hide most of the cables as well. Is it a good idea? Only the top air flow might be slightly restricted. Or any other suggestions where I can place the console? This is the desk I have: https://www.ulcdn.net/images/products/210177/slide/666x363/Terry_Study_Table_1.jpg?1538385099 Thanks!
  5. Just wanted to see if its a big difference from the GW3. I had buyer's remorse lol after they announced the GW4 as I got GW3 thinking there won't be another watch for atleast 2-3 years. Expect 1.5-2 days battery life, not more than that. And if possible avoid Facer and use the watchface apps, although it might be lesser considering the new OS, but afaik Facer consumes a lot of battery. I think the BP and ECG are the 2 features :P. Get them from XDA, they work pretty well. The BP requires recalibration every 28 days but the reading was very similar to an actual machine and is good to identify high-low BP, especially when you're on the move. How's the UI and notifications? I don't like the Tizen notification system so wondered if the new UI is any different. Enjoy the watch!
  6. Any idea till when is the airpods offer valid for student IDs?
  7. Played Arthur! Good game buddy! Arthur 2-5 Armaan
  8. Can there be any issues with the warranty if we purchase using someone else's student ID or the student ID expires after the purchase?
  9. @LordSpymaster @AtheK congrats on the watches! Please post your impressions about it! The watch loooks amazing
  10. Any news/updates about the Dualsense charging station launch in India? Looking for one since ages! Is the current grey market price still around 4.8k or has it reduced?
  11. From what I had read, urbanladder is more durable than PepperFry. I got the Terry study table from them a year back, doing well so far! Also, guys any suggestions for a bluetooth soundbar for the bedroom? Thinking of buying one, confused if I should go for a couple of monitor speakers or a bluetooth bar. AUX connection is a must since I'll be connecting it to my monitor for Firestick/PS. Currently use the Echo bluetooth speaker and a XB12 for the same so looking for a more permanent solution. Budget not alot, maybe 5-10k? Depends on the product. Cheaper the better. Just need enough volume for the whole bedroom. A remote would be very useful as well! Thanks!
  12. Not sure about the models but if possible, buy it offline. I had bought it from Amazon and had a SD card issue twice, even with replacements. It just kept the host on loop and talking about music and artists. The browsing and selecting the artist and their song was all messed up. The carvaan customer support said the unit was faulty both times. Didn't buy it after that but someone I know I think bought it offline and works fine for them.
  13. In as always! Name- Armaan D PSN ID- ard8134 Team- Real Madrid (As of now :P)
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