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  1. Are there any good type C to C cables available? Planning to buy the 25W Samsung charging brick as the default 15w one is just too slow. Should I get the charger + cable combo from tata cliq or should I get a different and better cable?
  2. What are some good places to travel to in the month of June-July as a solo budget trip?
  3. I actually had found the QC35ii much more comfortable compared to the XM3s. I could surely wear them for longer hours compared to the Sony ones. Had tried both and prefer the sound of Bose as well. Plus the touch controls of XM3s apparently were not reliable especially if its very windy. Had read that in snowy winds they tend to malfunction or something but of course you cant replicate that in the metros. However, not sure if anything happens in just normal windy conditions here as well. Compared to the XM3, I feel the post purchase dissonance shouldn't be there :P.
  4. Innnn!! Name: Armaan PSN: ard8134 Team: Chelsea
  5. Mine expires next week I think No offers currently going on?
  6. Looks amazing. Always been a sucker for flight sims although have hardly got to play it. Is that Flight simulator on the Xbox or some other game on the PS5?
  7. Played Sudhir! Always fun games with him 💙💙 Got really lucky with Mendy second game haha Armaan 2-2 Sudhir Sudhir 3-3 Armaan
  8. Thank you! Any other must have games which are at a good price in the sale?
  9. Any info if this will have cross-platform compatibility? PC and PS users can play together?
  10. Oh damn, that's expensive I feel for the AU8000. Or check online on Samsung website once. Try seeing the Vu TVs in person? I really liked its display. Or the Mi 5x? Haven't seen it in person yet though. Had seen the 4a once and it was really dull.
  11. Try for the Samsung AU9070. They quote a MRP of 50-54k but when I was in the market, they were ready to give me it for 40-41k. Otherwise AU8000 is also good. LG also has a couple around the 37kish range but I think it only has 2HDMI ports.
  12. The next gen upgrade will be a free upgrade right for witcher 3? Or will I have to purchase a separate game in itself?
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