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  1. On 5/17/2022 at 8:36 AM, KunjanPSD said:

    Amazon C-to-C has two versions, Usb 2.0 and Usb 3.1

    Apple one is 3 feet for 1900 and not braided while Amzon 2.0 6 feet goes for 800 bucks (you will have to search well because sometimes it is out of stock) and 3.1 6 feet going for 1400.

    Amazon 2.0 3 feet is 700 bucks.

    I don't think 3.1 is needed unless you have specific data transfer use cases.


    I have the braided one USB A to C and its a pain to use it, for some reason it constantly keeps disconnecting my charging brick from the socket as well and its just difficult to manage haha, can't explain.

    Is the amazon 2.1 better than the original Samsung type c to c cable? And I'm assuming there's no difference in charging speed right between 2.1 and 3.1 cable or b/w the samsung original cable and the other third party one like amazonbasics?

  2. On 3/23/2022 at 2:54 PM, hussain said:

    Just bought the Bose QC35 ii. Now feeling post purchase dissonance. Please reply with "It is much better than Sony 100Xm3" please :/

    I actually had found the QC35ii much more comfortable compared to the XM3s. I could surely wear them for longer hours compared to the Sony ones. Had tried both and prefer the sound of Bose as well. Plus the touch controls of XM3s apparently were not reliable especially if its very windy. Had read that in snowy winds they tend to malfunction or something but of course you cant replicate that in the metros. However, not sure if anything happens in just normal windy conditions here as well. Compared to the XM3, I feel the post purchase dissonance shouldn't be there :P. 

  3. 21 hours ago, Agent 47 said:


    They are quoting AU8000 for 48K. SInce Diwali offers are over so prices are high.

    Oh damn, that's expensive I feel for the AU8000. Or check online on Samsung website once. 
    Try seeing the Vu TVs in person? I really liked its display. Or the Mi 5x? Haven't seen it in person yet though. Had seen the 4a once and it was really dull.

  4. 1 hour ago, Agent 47 said:

    So, my old TV finally died today. i'm looking for a budget TV around 30-40K price range in 43" size. There are so many options out there so i'm confused. Can you guys provide me some options. This TV will be mostly used for DTH.

    Try for the Samsung AU9070. They quote a MRP of 50-54k but when I was in the market(last month), RD were ready to give me it for 40-41k. Otherwise AU8000 is also good.
    LG also has a couple around the 37kish range but I think it only has 2HDMI ports.

  5. On 11/13/2021 at 1:38 PM, Ram Dante said:

    Goes on sale every now and then.. Wait for Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale.


    On 11/13/2021 at 4:01 PM, SuperT said:

    It goes for Rs. 599 pretty often. I guess next time it would be on sale around Black Friday.


    The next gen upgrade will be a free upgrade right for witcher 3? Or will I have to purchase a separate game in itself?

  6. 2 hours ago, Sanwal said:

    Played sar 6-5 and 4-2 

    Played Armaan lost 5-1 and won 3-2




    2 hours ago, bharat_SS said:


    Armaan 1-3 Bharat

    Armaan 3-6 Bharat


    Well played Armaan. Both games were played almost end to end. Not much happened in the midfield area. Good luck on remaining matches :thumbsup:

    Great games both of you! 

    Super fun games!

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  7. On 10/26/2021 at 8:33 AM, arjun_sasuke said:

    Besides Brightness ,Sharpness and color , i dont fiddle around with any of the motion related settings. 


    I think Filmmaker Mode is the best option.  If you.re still getting the blurred effect,  i would suggest resetting all your picture settings and trying It again. Coz I've watched a lot of sports , including Tennis , Football , havent noticed any motion blurring which is usually quite noticeable in Tennis especially. 

    I found the best picture settings on the Movie mode so far. I tried to shift to filmmaker mode yesterday while watching footy and the ball was still slightly choppy.

  8. 1 hour ago, arjun_sasuke said:

    Which TV is this? I was watching the same Match on Hotstar on my Samsung Frame 2021, it was fine. I think i was watching on Filmmaker Mode , not sure though, will have to double check. 

    I was watching on the Q60T. Any other settings which you enabled/disabled?

  9. On 10/24/2021 at 1:02 PM, Bhpian Bali said:



    Picture quality settings were off. Led clear motion was off and noise reduction was off as well. I put judder to 10 from 0 and turned on clarity and noise reduction on auto.

    Did it help though?

    Yesterday I tried watching the Ind vs Pak game on hotstar and could still see the triple ball effect and was kind of choppy. However, watching footy on Sonyliv seemed fine. Not sure if its the issue with the app or what

  10. 59 minutes ago, Bhpian Bali said:

    Btw. While watching shows on netflix and prime even for 4khdr ones i notice a lot of screen tearing and trailing when any character is doing some rapid movement. Like the rest of the scene is alright but like somebody does a rapid hand movement only that hand would feel like it is trailing or tearing on the screen. This is due to streaming or there must be some setting?


    In settings, search for picture clarity settings. Select custom and then under that, set the judder reduction to max, LED clear motion off and I think even noise reduction off.

    This helped me alot in reducing that tearing effect while watching sports and has improved the quality alot overall.

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  11. On 10/22/2021 at 2:21 PM, hussain said:

    Do you get the ps4 version of the game with fifa 22? Because I dont think I can download the ps4 version of the game right now. Would love to participate in this though


    PSN: Whosane3450

    Hey buddy

    Did you buy the Ultimate edition of FIFA 22 or only the PS5 version?


    The PS4 version comes only if you buy the Ultimate Edition of the game.

    In case you have the Ultimate Edition, many times its not showing the PS4 version on the PS Store. So try to use the PS mobile app and add the game to your library or you can add it to your library using the browser as well by accessing the PS store and finding the game online on the PS website.

    I had added it to my library using the website.

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