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  1. @LordSpymaster @AtheK congrats on the watches! Please post your impressions about it! The watch loooks amazing
  2. Any news/updates about the Dualsense charging station launch in India? Looking for one since ages! Is the current grey market price still around 4.8k or has it reduced?
  3. From what I had read, urbanladder is more durable than PepperFry. I got the Terry study table from them a year back, doing well so far! Also, guys any suggestions for a bluetooth soundbar for the bedroom? Thinking of buying one, confused if I should go for a couple of monitor speakers or a bluetooth bar. AUX connection is a must since I'll be connecting it to my monitor for Firestick/PS. Currently use the Echo bluetooth speaker and a XB12 for the same so looking for a more permanent solution. Budget not alot, maybe 5-10k? Depends on the product. Cheaper the better. Just need enough volume for the whole bedroom. A remote would be very useful as well! Thanks!
  4. Not sure about the models but if possible, buy it offline. I had bought it from Amazon and had a SD card issue twice, even with replacements. It just kept the host on loop and talking about music and artists. The browsing and selecting the artist and their song was all messed up. The carvaan customer support said the unit was faulty both times. Didn't buy it after that but someone I know I think bought it offline and works fine for them.
  5. In as always! Name- Armaan D PSN ID- ard8134 Team- Real Madrid (As of now :P)
  6. For HDFC cards, do the offers on tech products come only for Regalia and above or comes even for their basic cards? Also how is the credit card from slice? The sliceit card or something
  7. What additional features are there though with the premium membership?
  8. Haven't seen the reviews yet of it tbh but for 12k, its a no brainer tbh. The price is amazing for the watch. Although this is just solely going on the price and my experience with the Watch 3, haven't read about the GW4 much, nor seen any video reviews yet of it. But the price is too good.
  9. Got it from a local retailer, dm me, I'll send you the details if you want. He ships across the country! Amazon had many reviews saying they got used devices at first so was skeptical and plus got a good price here.
  10. I think the newer mice have amazing response time. Especially the newer gaming ones, like the G Pro Wireless, etc. Although I am not sure about the gaming mice in terms of performance, but I got this one for non-gaming use. And in terms of lag, although been just 1 day, no lag as such. Although haven't tried bluetooth yet. And its Logitech, has service centres all across the country. And this mouse has officially launched here so warranty is applicable, 2 year warranty as per the retailer! Yup did that, but just wanted to see how others have setup their mice!
  11. The box image was a quick pic taken, sorry! It cost around 7k
  12. Finally got this! Feels so premium to use! To current Mx users, how have you set the gestures and stuff?
  13. I read that password managers are safer so wondered if they're worth. Google is too convenient though haha
  14. Nothing yet, didn't research further. I am still scared about password managers lol even though everywhere I've read it has said that it is completely safe. How much is the yearly membership for dashlane?
  15. f**king hell I haven't watch a show this good since forever. I'm blown away by this show and have never felt so tense while watching any TV show. This show legit left my mouth open. The pig scene is one of the most intense TV scenes I've ever seen. Just saw that season 3 is in October, f**k I can't wait. What a show! Season 2 hands down one of the best. The music is absolutely top class at every scene. Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong are absolutely amazing.
  16. Recently saw Succession season 1. Its a classic!
  17. That colour looks gorgeous! How much did you get these for?
  18. Pro clubs finally played! JAKT 3-1 Minions Wp everyone! Great fun!
  19. Haven't tried the Galaxy Buds but I use Oppo Enco W51. They retail for around 5k and honestly I'm blown away by the sound quality at this price range. Plus it has ANC has well which actually works and does a pretty good job minimising the outside noise, especially in traffic or in the gym when you just want to listen to your own music. If anyone is shopping for TWS, do consider these! I was actually considering buying the Samsung ones or just spending on the Sony SP800N. I know its in a completely different league but I'm not an audiophile and struggle to make out the difference many times. Luckily I got these Oppo ones as a gift and post that, I've recommended it to atleast 4-5 more people and they all love it, especially its ANC. Obviously can't compare the sound quality with the premium ones but they're pretty good at 4-5k. Also, afaik, Jabra has the mic only on one side (right iirc), so if you want to talk using the TWS, you can't do it only with the left one.
  20. Recently started with Varsity from Zerodha just to get an understanding of the stock market etc and its Technical Analysis section seemed a bit tough to understand. Are there any books with some exercises which can help understand the candlestick patterns well? Any other books for fundamental analysis as well or something to help deepen the wealth management learning? Thanks!
  21. It was 7450 for quiet a lot of time. I had seen it quiet a lot but didn't pull the trigger because I was unsure about the scrolling issue. Also, if I setup the mice and its gestures on my personal laptop, will I be able to use the same on VMWare as well? My work is on a cloud desktop through VMWare. Any idea about that?
  22. Thank you! Also any idea where we can get the mouse for less than 7k? Or is Amazon the lowest?
  23. Not sure about this tbh. Sleep tracking worked fine with my OnePlus on the GW3. Samsung Health and Samsung Health Monitor are 2 different apps. Samsung Health: Can be installed on all phones irrespective of the make and is the main Samsung fitness app. Contains Heartrate, cal, activity log, sleep tracking, etc. Samsung Health Monitor: Currently it is only used for ECG and Blood Pressure. Not sure if it'll change for the GW4
  24. Well Galaxy 4 is yet to be delivered as it launched a week ago. It's only on the pre-order stage as of now and yet to open for pre-orders here in India. Firstly, ECG and BP will take time to come to India officially. That is, if it ever comes. The regulatory authorities have to approve it and that's why its taking time to come in many countries. As I mentioned earlier, I used a method on XDA(which is safe) to install the ECG and BP on both my earlier OnePlus and my current Samsung and it works absolutely fine apart from that ECG issue but thats a hardware issue. When it comes to the Watch 4, I'm sure XDA will come out for a method to get ECG and BP on that as well but I guess gotta wait for the deliveries to start first. Afaik they're supposed to be delivered by Aug 27th or Aug 28th.
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