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  1. So I currently use a s20FE. However before this, I used the watch with a OnePlus 7T. And honestly, the notifications were much more quicker with the OnePlus lol. You get access to most of the functionality even with a non-samsung phone. I couldn't find any difference apart from that if you use a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can control the phone camera from your watch for free. Apart from that, couldn't find any difference. If there are any specific features you are talking about, please let me know! You can access the apps on the Samsung store on the non samsung phone through the galaxy wearable app itself. If its the ECG and BP, then both are unavailable in India officially irrespective of the phone you use. However, there is a thread on the XDA forums through which you can get both of them. The BP you have to calibrate with a proper BP machine once a month. However, the reading is pretty accurate. Regarding ECG, unfortunately it worked at the start but now there is some issue with the ECG button in my watch so have to get it checked. Plus GW3 looks absolutely beautiful
  2. I use a Galaxy Watch 3 and its pretty good when it comes to fitness tracking. However, only downside is the 1.5 day battery life but have gotten used to it and doesn't hamper day-to-day activities. GW4 is out as well with the new WearOS but the pricing is yet to be out, probably will be close to 40k(for the classic version) and maybe around 30k for the regular one. GW3 is extremely comfortable to wear though, especially with a silicon band. There is also the Galaxy Active 2 which was around 17k afaik. Have you been encountering any issues with scrolling? I was researching about the mouse as I wanted to buy it as well but I read about it having very inconsistent scrolling like this one. Also, guys are password managers like Bitwarden reliable and safe to store all our passwords? Any recommendations for the same?
  3. Same error for me. Afaik currently try to not log out from the devices until its fixed
  4. Played Vaibhav and Sar!!! Vwp guys! Armaan 2-3 Vaibhav Armaan 0-3 Sar Edit: Played Sobi as well!! Great game bud! Armaan 0-1 Sobi Sorry Ash and team! Couldn't get more points
  5. Played Az, always an epic game! Vwpppp Armaan 4-3 Azaan
  6. Not working! It says cannot be redeemed in your region so I guess its account tied
  7. Sorry Ash and Team! Vwp Sudhir!! Sudhir 4-1 Armaan Played Bharat Bhai, wpp! Bharat 3-7 Armaan
  8. No worries! Also, @bharat_SS, please change my team to Germany!
  9. It's happening with me on phone (Android) Using Chrome to access the IVG forums, and had logged out by mistake. However, when I try to login, it times out and leads me to a gateway error page, even though I get a mail saying account access
  10. Congrats Ashhhh and wpppp Nathan!!! Amazing tourney, thank you bharat bhai!
  11. Lets gooooooo Name: Armaan D PSN: ard8134 Team: Chelsea
  12. Anyone with experience with juicers? Looking between Kuvings b1700 and one by Phillips
  13. Played Az, great games buddy. Extremely close, got a lucky win, he almost pulled it back Azaan 4-5 Armaan Azaan 3-2 Armaan I guess that finishes all my games Thank you @bharat_SS bhai for organising this amazing tourney! Can't wait for the semis! Had crazy fun
  14. Played Rahul! Fun games both! Well played Armaan 4-1 Rahul Armaan 11-2 Rahul
  15. For all the football lovers, The Peter Crouch Podcast is absolutely amazing. Can't stop smiling/laughing throughout the podcasts and the guests are amazing as well.
  16. Maybe off-topic but what newspapers have you guys subscribed to? I'm new to finance and confused whether to subscribe to Livemint or Business Standard. Mainly want to read about the implications of various events/news. BS has a horrible mobile app. Price wise the difference isn't much if I get Mint on Student discount, however won't be able to cancel it. Thus would like to know if anyone has used either of these newspapers and can share their experiences in terms of how easy is it to understand and whether they give their own version of implications or not. Thank you!
  17. Thank you! Gonna wait till Diwali anyway and see, hopefully x90 is at a good price by then!
  18. Thank you! If HDMI 2.1 is not a priority, is there a better VFM TV than the Frame 55"?
  19. Hi! Are you sure though about getting the x90J around that price considering it currently sells for 1.3lacs? Also, how important is HDMI 2.1 in terms of future proofing? I'm the kind who doesn't really understand the difference in picture quality but looking at something around the 80k range. So far, only Frame fits in. Some other options without HDMI 2.1 are Samsung AU8000 or Sony X80J. Any other recommendations?
  20. Super end-to-end, but great fun!
  21. Played Vaibhav, gg buddy! Armaan 2-2 Vaibhav Armaan 3-7 Vaibhav
  22. Any good deals on a wireless mouse or Bluetooth speakers?
  23. Charging is slow on the S20FE, especially after moving from OnePlus. Can try to answer any questions about the S20FE, recently switched to it from a OnePlus 7T. 7T had become a laggy mess after the Android 11 update and was full of bugs. Overall satisfied with the phone, except the charging time. And for some reason I'm not getting the best battery life either, saw on reddit people are getting pretty good battery life.
  24. Is the witcher deal still there? Unable to find it on the store :(. Showing it as 3k
  25. Well played man! The games were tooo close hahaha, was super fun
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