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  1. Nathan Ka score count, just checked, 2-6 tha, my bad πŸ˜‚ Also played Sar, always a fun game with you :D. Unlucky first game and sorry for the interruptions in the 2nd one, you were amazing, fair play πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Game 1: Sar 4-5 Armaan Game 2: Sar 4-2 Armaan
  2. Played a few more games! Super fun, good game guys! 1) Played San, good game πŸ’™πŸ’™ Game 1: Armaan 4-2 San Game 2: San 1-8 Armaan 2) Ashish, tooo gooooood. Game 1: Armaan 3-2 Ashish Game 2: Armaan 5-5 Ashish 3) Nathan, great games buddy! I know you took out the third kit anger first game Game 1: Armaan 1-6 Nathan Game 2: Armaan 1-6 Nathan
  3. Good game Bharat Bhai! So so so close both the games, super neck to neck Game 1: Bharat 2-2 Armaan Game 2: Armaan 3-2 Bharat
  4. Another one, lettsssss goooooo A. Name : Armaan B. PSN ID : ard8134 C. Team: CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE
  5. Congrats Sarwaaaan!!! What an amazing tourney, super fun Kudos to Nathan, you played a great tournament, was fun watching you play! love the influx of FIFA tourneys, thank you Bharat Bhai!
  6. Sar Vs Nathan finals rematchhhhh letttssssss gooooooo Crazy fun tournament so far! Best formattttt. All the best to you both and have fun
  7. Not sure if I can spend that much though! Primary use won't be gaming though as its going to be the family TV. However would play at times. I also read the main difference with HDMI 2.1 is being able to produde 4k@120fps compared to HDMI 2.0's 4k@60fps? Also it feels overwhelmed to see so many different options now lol. Is the order of quality like this? OLED>QLED>4K UHD? Is there any guide on this forum or somewhere which I can refer to? And currently which one produces the best TVs? Samsung, LG or Sony? Any good recommendations for the 70k range?
  8. Looking for a new TV Is it worth spending the 1L+ on a new TV with all the bells and whistles like HDMI 2.1? Absolutely clueless where to begin and what features to look for. Is there anything good around the 70k mark? Looking for a 55" TV.
  9. Any offers for the 2021 iPad Pro 128GB? Is it possible to combine both the student discount and the 4k HDFC cashback together?
  10. I'm looking for one as well. I found student discount applicable only online. When I went to the Apple store, they didn't offer student discount on the iPad, only on Macs. iPads only had the 4k HDFC cashback. Anyone knows any good deal going on for the M1 chip Pro version, 128GB?
  11. Played palash and sarwaaan Palash 2-5 Armaan Sarwaan 4-2 Armaan Fun games! Feels nice to play a tourney again, also love this format!
  12. Is the shape/size/comfort similar to the G402? I'm trying to find a place here who could have the mouse in display or something as I'm concerned about the shape. The G402 fits my palm(on the smaller/medium size) perfectly and is used to game for long hours daily earlier. Even now its extremely comfortable. Do you feel the Mx master will be comfortable though? I know difficult to say but just confused about the shape Thanks a lot for your help though!
  13. Morata For a game, message me on PSN in case I'm inactive here please! Add me: ard8134 This will be fun, good luck everyone!
  14. Where'd you get the Mx master from? Amazon or is it available cheaper somewhere else?
  15. Out of warranty, bought it 4-5 years back I think. Thank you for the review though! Also, any idea if I connect it via bluetooth to my laptop, will it also work with a VMware cloud desktop?
  16. Is it overkill though for just regular browsing and for someone not involved in any form of editing/coding?
  17. Any good recommendations for a wireless mice? Ok to spend around 7kish as well. Was looking at the Mx Master 3 but was unsure due to the shape and weight of it and don't know anyone who has it so can't try it out first hand. Are there any shops in Mumbai with the mouse in display? And also since I'm not into editing or anything intensive, had a feeling that maybe the mouse is overkill for me. However, I just want a quality mouse which I can use for a long time. The only thing I want is that it should not develop a double click issue. My use case is just regular work not involving editing. Mainly just MS Office or just casual desktop browsing 90pct of the time. Will not be used much for gaming as I have shifted to console and if required, I can use my wired mouse for gaming so gaming isn't the main criteria. I currently use a Logitech G402 and love its shape. It fits my hand perfectly and its fun to use as well. However it double clicks and I want to go wireless. Any recommendations? Some mice I saw online were: Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Logitech m590 Logitech m720 However all had mix reviews so unsure what to do. Thank you!
  18. In! PSN: ard8134 Name: Armaan Although if there is someone else who want to play, please replace me as work is taking up too much of my time, so will only be free at nights. However if players are short, count me in and don't worry! Will be active like the earlier league and would try my best to finish all games! PS- Can we take a vote of who wants Sanwal to continue with USA? 😝
  19. Next game won't be out till October so plenty of time to still play online seasons and FUT if you're into that. I don't think it'll be dead immediately though and EA I think keeps the servers on for a few years
  20. Received! Thank you so much once again!
  21. Thank you so much for organising and putting in so much effort! Glad to be a part of the tourney ❀️ Congrats to everyone, had a great time playing with everyone! Some great matches and a lot of fun! Feel free to message me for a game, would love to play more often with y'all! Lastly, I feel @SarwaanM equally deserves the victory as he has a game in hand for reason outside his control! Feels wrong to just have a single winner so imo, congrats go Sarwaan as well! Hope to play a lot more with y'all, thank you!
  22. Rahul let me know when you're free to play. Message me on PSN or here anytime
  23. I did this a couple of weeks back. Before-after post karta hu in sometime πŸ˜‚. The dust accumulation is crazy. Some marks have kind of become permanent on the inside of the plates. I just used a microfiber cloth + water + old tooth brush to clean the plates and the fan vents, etc. Ofc didn't use water for the fan vents. @LordSpymaster For the dualsense, I just used water and an old toothbrush and it worked perfectly and later slightly cleaned with a micro fibre cloth! Controller was white as new. Its very difficult to avoid the controllers getting dirty. Silicon covers do come, however its comfort differs from.person to person. My brother had one for his DS4 and it was horrible to use the controller with it. Even then not sure how much will they protect the controller. Also they look really ugly :P.
  24. Played Azaan Armaan 2-2 Azaan Azaan 2-3 Armaan Ggwp, super fun and close games! Really need to not concede in the final 10 minsπŸ˜‚
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