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  1. Played Cult of The Lamb for a good 5-6 hrs, pretty good game, there is so much to do in this, and has all the things what you think of in a cult( ritual sacrifices, brainwashing etc.). Just don’t compare it with hades, the combat here is pretty simple. You can grow your cult and there is so much flexibility in this game in how you want to approach with the upgrades and all.
  2. Shreyans Gupta


    Try to dodge first and punish, you will eventually get to know what moves they use. It's all about perseverence.
  3. Shreyans Gupta


    Thanks man, that epic stuff sucks, thankfully ps doesn't have this problem.
  4. Shreyans Gupta


    So I platinumed Sifu, what a great and wonderful game. Truly masterpiece in my opinion.
  5. Shreyans Gupta


    Agree completely, the bosses may seem very difficulty but they all have certain kinks in the armour which one can exploit. Definitely a great game, I will try to spare them in my next run
  6. Shreyans Gupta


    So for people having difficulty with phase 1 of boss 3 aka the artist, take the baseball bat from the guy you encounter at the starting of the level and go to the boss, now you can block any attack at the cost of structure which you can replenish when you maintain some distance, it helps if you have invested in weapon durability. Also if the weapon breaks then you just need to maintain a distance where her attack is just out of range, and wait for her lunge attack and strike her.
  7. Shreyans Gupta


    For phase 2 block his initial first 2 attacks that way you don’t have to guess whether it will be low or high, and then avoid the remaining attacks and punish.
  8. Shreyans Gupta


    I have only went past level 2.
  9. Shreyans Gupta


    Yes I forgot to mention music is very dope and is not like the music we listen when we watch a martial arts film or content. Also sound of punch and kick is very satisfying.
  10. Shreyans Gupta


    So I preordered it and played for 2 days and here are my thoughts on the game: 1. The game is tough, I mean real tough, there is no icon or anything to tell you to block or evade or anything, you have to figure it out by yourself. On top of that timing is pretty tight. 2. Gameplay is smooth as butter on Ps5, no visible frame drops( maybe I haven’t noticed) and is very artistic and beautiful in its own sense. 3. Don’t expect too much story from this game, it’s a typical revenge story. 4. Some roguelike games are designed in a way in which reaching boss is more difficult than the boss itself, well not in this case, the journey and the boss will age you till adult diapers and will laugh at you. 5. I personally enjoyed the game as I have been a big martial arts movie fan since my childhood and somehow this game brings back nostalgia, but even if you don’t have this connection this game is a must buy in my opinion because of how good it is gameplay wise.
  11. I have unlocked true ending, but for me it didn't give any satisfaction. But I get what you are trying to say.
  12. Completed the game and I was very disappointed by the story, everything else is top notch. I never play any shooter games but this game made me change my attitude towards the genre.
  13. Completed biome 2, overall the biome was not that difficult but the boss fight was very difficult, took me numerous attempts and a levelled hollowseeker to defeat ixion.
  14. Just beat the boss of Biome 1, finally perseverance paid off!
  15. Shreyans Gupta


    In other words I am not skilled ?
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