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  1. Flipkart was available till 4 min, from the main banner listing I scrolled down to find another listing, which was showing available but as soon as I clicked book, it went out of stock
  2. 1st match - Worst loss 2nd match - Best overseas win 3rd match - Best drawn game This series is turning out to be most amazing one, let's see what's in there for 4th one.
  3. Yep unfortunately the codes are used now😅
  4. I have received free Zomato pro 3 month membership, can be used upto 3 times only. Code - SPNWVMNZYZMT
  5. Yep, our lowest score previously it was 42
  6. We need irfan pathan kinda hat-trick now😁
  7. He's going back After first one I think
  8. Everyone supporting Shaw by scoring less runs than him😂
  9. It's saying offer ends on 1/12/2020 5:29
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