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  1. Appreciate it but what am I looking for? The dock? Not really. I don't use my ps enough to warrant it.
  2. muchwow

    Death Stranding

    I didn't realize you guys were joking around. Thanks for the laughs
  3. muchwow

    Death Stranding

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_backward-compatible_games_for_Xbox_One_and_Series_X https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gears_of_War:_Ultimate_Edition Public BC launch was in November 2015, GOW:UE launch was August 25 2015. Gears 1 was added to BC on August 3 2015 along with the UE announcement. https://www.polygon.com/2015/8/3/9089333/gears-of-war-ultimate-edition-xbox-one-360-backward-compatbility This is embarrassing now. Surely I don't have to go this far to show that these "remasters" Sony is doing are greedy.
  4. muchwow

    Death Stranding

    So you have no actual arguments, no sources, no proofs and no net contribution to the discussion. Cheers
  5. muchwow

    Death Stranding

    It actually is considering I do own it. I also got DS on steam launch day
  6. muchwow

    Death Stranding

    Ok lets go through this: xbone wasn't BC on launch. They developed it later for whatever reasons like bad sales and it came out in 2015. By your argument the ps4 can probably do ps3 games but $ony did not even explore it. Gears ultimate: Came 9 years after the original, enough time for a significant upgrade and launched before BC was launched Halo Anniversary: Launched before BC was announced and is a compilation of all games on xbone Forza 5: Never launched on 360 to be BC Titanfall: Ported back to 360 after xbone launch. Nothing to retract
  7. muchwow

    Death Stranding

    Name one other backwards compatible console which got so many first party paid upgrades and I'll retract my point.
  8. muchwow

    Death Stranding

    This implies Sony is using its negotiating power to take advantage of the buyer. Which is exactly my original statement. Spider-man, GOT:DC and now this all feel a little too slimy to me. It negates the point of backward compatibility if your old copy isn't gonna get you the best version of the game. Ignore MS, enough companies have done it on PC as well.
  9. muchwow

    Death Stranding

    It really feels like Sony has decided to milk all the goodwill they built up last gen this gen. So many paid next gen upgrades compared to MS and a $10 hike in price of new games. And naming this the director's cut while the director himself doesn't agree with it. The trailer made it feel like they are trying to change the game to fall more in line with the rest of their exclusives and appeal to the american market.
  10. muchwow


    Do you guys still think that there shouldn't be a save system? It sounds like too high a penalty for folks with things to do. Enough roguelites/likes have the feature even if their runs are shorter. Savescumming is harder than ever anyway since we can't backup saves via USB now. And even then, its a single player game. IDC if someone cheats and I don't understand how it affects anyones experience if someone did but being barred from longer playthroughs because I don't have longer periods to play at a time sounds unfair. PS: I am liking the game so far FWIW. Got to Biome 3 today.
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