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  1. I recently got a UQ7500 (2022) lg tv. I got a non magic remote for it. The guys who came to install for not interested in selling me one. Where can i buy one and at what price?
  2. C1 was available at Croma in Delhi for 108k. Can share sales guy's number but not sure what he could do for pune. This quote was from last month.
  3. I think that is a different tangent. Regarding argument of scalpers, They buy it to sell at a profit. Inventory with them/In transit shouldn't be more than 15 days. Simply put, premium they could earn decays on holding. They have no incentive to hold and all the more incentive to sell. Also they do not properly disclose their data source. Could be a bit off. You might want to take these numbers with a pinch of salt. Original video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKgtpVTh-B0&ab_channel=GamesIndustry.biz. Longer term digital is ~70%. Possibly due to convenience in buying cheaper games during sales. Right now not a lot of ps5 games exist and they are definitely not discounted except maybe 1 or 2 recent release. What you are saying will increase the disc vs digital divide and is correct but I still feel a lot of this is coming from forced bundling. Have no way to quantify it though. Amazon has a 5% off. A 10% sale mostly comes once or twice a month which is 14.5%. I can also DM a guy's number. Have bought vouchers a few times at 15% from him but I prefer Amazon/Tatacliq If I can get the same 15%
  4. Wondering how these numbers will look like once Sony stops mandatory bundling which it does right now due to shortage.
  5. Appears to be a nice game. Probably concept is slightly different for a lot of players. A price cut can get more players to try it and thus more revenue.
  6. Still noticeably PS5 performance if not worse is on par with XSX. Maybe future games turn out different but see no indication from devs or either MS that this will be the case.
  7. If someone bough XSX last year for ~50K along with GP for say ~3.5K with game share. I am pretty sure that person will be satisfied. Used xbox will be selling close to mrp. Don't think any early XSX adopter will be unhappy whatever he/she chooses to do
  8. Any indication of which retailer will have the series X Halo ed and time of sale + links if possible
  9. A friend got it through one of such big offline retailers around June in a 65k bundle
  10. heard the same from another retailer I used to buy stuff from pre covid but no one is taking prebooking since they haven't been confirmed the allocation and MS might not launch after all.
  11. Not enough sales here for MS to do that. You can try selling your One X on TP. Should be able to get 17-18 maybe. Combine it with bank offers and you can buy yourself a Series X for ~30k.
  12. PPGC might have it. Though he will bundle it with a controller/headphone/disc
  13. Was able to order a PS5 in last restock for one IVG member who had to back out. In case someone is interested please DM me by 11AM tomorrow else will cancel it. It was shipped today and should be here Friday/Saturday. It is a disc ed and is available for MRP in Delhi.
  14. That is one way to see it but that is a perspective of a hardcore gamer. If devs got less money they wouldn't be cycling games on GPU. We have seen most big publishers except a few put games on GP. Now, There are a lot of casual gamers who want a cheap all inclusive plan and $15 is affordable for a lot of a casual gamers who significantly outnumber hardcore players (And no they wouldn't care about conversion trick. Not everyone is on a dedicated gaming forum). .
  15. Basing views of few on a larger set is just pure bias. Again, if you don't invest $70 in a game you are not invested in it and will have lower probability to try it out and complete it no matter what. For Ex - HZD irrespective of the awards it won was mot for me and I didn't bother borrowing it from friend's too. I wouldn't have played it if it was not given for free digitally. I didn't end up completing the story. this will happen on games put on GP and completion is not a great way to measure. Try it once. Didn't measure but it seemed like constant 30fps at 1080p on Intel's 11th gen integrated graphic
  16. completion rate is low, since it it is free. One of the ways GP creates values for its consumer is by allowing a consumer to try games which they normally wouldn't have tried. There is no sunk cost itching you to finish a $70 game. Don't like it move on!
  17. @SkinTightTuna has picked it. Can try to source for you next time if you want
  18. If someone doesn't get it by 130 pm. Dm me. Have one for mrp in dlehi from today's sale. No shipping. Only pickup
  19. It will come up tomorrow just before restock. Amazon has taken down the link due to no stock
  20. I will give you my 2 cents on a similar decision making process. I was out of gaming for last ~5-6 years since I had a bit of higher studies, Work, other issues which left a little time for gaming. A couple weeks back, I had both XBOX S + PS5. I mostly game on the XBOX for the ease of downloading games off GP. - Gamepass is a blessing - I have a backlog from last 4-5 years and access to last gen games is sometimes free and other times easy on Xbox. I do not need to find time to pack, ship, search and buy games. I could just download it off GPU and spent more of free time playing. - Xbox controller - I have seen enough Dualsense breakdown. I do not want to deal with that. Rechargeable batteries are a boon too. I get 30+ hours of play time vs charging dual sense every 6-7 hours. I can just pop in fully charged batteries once the current ones run out. - For when ever you need PS for playing those exclusives (Say 3-4/Year), just borrow the console from someone or consider buying it later. All that being said, you already have enough points for both consoles. Both are great and will fit with different requirements of diverse set of gamers. Whatever choice you make you will still be happy! PS - It might be easier to pick what your friends game on. You get a decent library support and friends to play with.
  21. Was in market for a TV some time back. C155 prices definitely go a bit lower than 1.3 at around 1.25 mark in DEL along with bank offers (Not counting EMI realted discount in this.)
  22. For FH5 - You can still utilize the trick to convert gold to GPU. Available in slabs of 6 months costing 1237.38 and conversion costing 59rs for accounts without active subscription or with subscription some time back. Follow the guide in first post.
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