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  1. Just moved bangalore to a new job, trying to meet new people. Anybody up for an IVG meet up in bangalore this weekend?
  2. have you guys seen this Youtube channel its bloody hilarious
  3. Just got this game a couple of days back, it is honestly one of the best games I have ever played. Cant wait to get some more free time and really get into it.
  4. Some of them Actually are fairly useless. I saw one fan which was pushing air the wrong way. TBH you dont really need those if your PS5 is placed in a well ventilated area, and the cooling system vents are clean. Better to spend time cleaning the console from the inside than buying a fan. Edit: Just saw that you are are asking for PS4 instead of PS5. But I guess the same thing applies, additionally for PS4 people have had good results by cleaning + replacing thermal paste.
  5. I have directly connected to Inverter powered board, if you have a Pure sine wave inverted you dont need a UPS.
  6. EA Family Bundle available at 90% off for Rs 174. Includes Need For Speed Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Unravel. Just bought it. Seems like a good deal.
  7. I think a lot of people who have issues with asking sony to give away flagship first party games as day 1 on service, have these issues not because they see it as a threat to sony, but because they see it as a threat to future of single player games. Profit incentive is what keeps studios invested in making these games, if they become unprofitable to develop, the industry will naturally get tilted towards service based games, that can turn a better profit. Sure you can argue that somebody else will develop as long as there is demand, but the problem is that this capacity exists as an ecosystem, it doesnt come up in a jiffy. if a sufficient dent is made in the profitability of single player games, then there is a good chance there would be a very long gap before games of such quality come out again.. if ever. For me at least its not at all a MS vs Sony thing, but about the viability of single player games which I have always enjoyed.
  8. Bros I need some help are there any mobile gamers here that play online mobile shooters like PUBG , garena, COD etc. If you do, I need to have a quick chat with you for a project that I am working on. Will take about 20 mins of you time. Especially looking to speak to people who have played PUBG New state as well. If I can post this in another thread as well for visibility, please let me know.
  9. Hi Are there any mobile gamers here? specifically people who play online mobile shooters like PUBG , garena, COD etc. If you do, I need to have a quick chat with you for a project that I am working on. Will take about 20 mins of you time. Especially looking to speak to people who have played PUBG New state as well. If I can post this in another thread as well for visibility, please let me know.
  10. but i play on a 32 inch LCD monitor, rather than a TV maybe that is the difference. And I just use the UPS/inverter to power down safely rather than booting up from scratch, even though I have been able to do that as well.
  11. My 1100VA works just fine, even when a few lights, fans, my screen and several plugpoints are active, it manages to keep the PS5 running without turning off in case of a power cut. Its a luminous pure sinewave inverter (luminous Eco watt UPS 1050/12v), with amaron tall tubular battery. Can try to find box and look up further specs if someone needs it.
  12. I think this video is overly critical. Takes a few examples from here and there to try and make it into something bigger. Typical YouTube click bait. Of course culture fit and bureaucracy are a big change for any new studio joining Microsoft, but I think they'll still be able to pull through and deliver good stuff eventually. What I DON'T understand however is how the f**k did people go gaga over GP before these major acquisitions happened.
  13. Appreciate the sentiment.. but life gets in the way bro. Games keep coming and going.. everything cant revolve around that. The older you get the less time you get for gaming
  14. That sentence takes on a whole new meaning if read without context. Chill guys.. Neither Sony nor MSFT give a sh*t about us. To them we are stacks of money.
  15. benefits of game pass are limited to first party titles, but sufficient quality first party titles are not present on the platform yet.. What's tripping you up here?
  16. In your rush to defend GP you didnt read my post at all. I said its less value for a casual gamer, who doesnt get time to play. GP may be great value for people like you who will "discover" games on GP they wouldnt otherwise play. For people like me who have an ever increasing backlog of 10/10 must-play games, GP makes zero sense because Worthy first party titles are not here yet. Even if they were, I could just buy the ones I wanted and sell them. even If you sell the gameloot price instead of trying to get the best price on Forums (meaning its not time consuming), its still gonna be cheaper than a monthly Sub. And other big third party titles anyways dont make it to GP on day one, So i still need to buy them from outside. I think GP Value will increase for me once they have more quality content on there. So at least not for 1.5 - 2 years.
  17. Exactly... the only benefit for Gamepass is the first party exclusives on day 1, but people seem to casually ignore the fact that you can buy discs of those games on day one and sell for a very small dip in price. Even other big games rarely come to GP on day 1, you cant expect stuff like RDR2 to come out on GP so you would anyways buy them separately. On the whole GP turns out to be more expensive, especially for casual gamers.
  18. So she was legit freaking out? or just making a joke
  19. So I finally found some info about what this bill is actually about. Doesnt seem all that draconian to me. In plain terms - This law allows police to collect biological data like DNA from the accused, so that any DNA recovered from crime scenes can be run through a central system to identify suspects. Or in other words, very basic law enforcement procedure that is standard in the west. I have relatives in police who say even if we are motivated to catch criminals often time's we are not able to, because our records are so bureaucratic, It is impossible to link up criminal databases if everything you have is in analog format. Our laws were written in times where DNA analysis was not commonplace. No good reason to continue with those old laws. Happy to hear your counterviews on this.
  20. You wanna team up for this one as well? lemme know on whatsapp.
  21. I think its not showing right now. I would take it too, but its not showing option for family. If anyone else is seeing this, lemme know
  22. Only TOI can write a one page article, without telling readers what the bill actually is about. what is it about? The page only had reactions from opposition. Honestly the quality of journalism in this country is complete sh*t tier.
  23. Overall Judicial reform is needed in India. Its probably the only branch of "government" that has unchecked authority and is answerable to no one. Read recently about SC deciding on Nimbooz . In other civilized countries SC only pick cases of constitutional importance, those that affect how the constitution is interpreted. Yahan par everything is appealed in SC eventually and SC is happy to take it up. Dont know if it is the bribery incentive or what. And say anything against them and they slap a contempt case on you. They strike down any changes to constitution by saying basic structure doctrine, yet they have never clarified in public what the basic structure is. "I will decide the extent of my power"
  24. Yeh Kya challa hai BC. Increasingly it seems to me that had it not been for the massive middle class, and rural class, India would have become a weird sort of woke country already. Woke without being rich. What convinces them to this stupidity. And this is in Mumbai apparently, not even JNU where this type of drama seems to be common.
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