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  1. try olx... i think i saw sometime back someone selling the case.
  2. Match Day 3 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia = 3-0 Denmark vs Tunisia = 2-0 Mexico vs Poland = 1-1 France vs Australia = 3-0
  3. Day 2 England vs Iran - 2-0 Senegal vs Netherlands - 1-2 United States vs Wales - 0-1
  4. If you don't mind answering ...where did you buy this from and how much did you paid?
  5. Got the Venus Pipes IPO. Any suggestions? Should i hold or sell at listing (current gmp is + Rs 45)
  6. I am planning to apply for Venus Pipes. Suggestions anyone?
  7. Swiggy One is good and specially InstaMart like you said. 99Rs minimum order (InstaMart) for free delivery. Unfortunately , no deals that I know of. My renewal is in June.
  8. Any suggestions on Adani Wilmar for longterm - should I hold?
  9. Any thoughts on Ami Organics IPO?
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