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  1. defend a show about superficial people with superficial problems against disparagement on superficial grounds? :lol: oh the irony.

    Yeah, that's exactly what I said.


    Go watch West Wing, or, better yet, wait for The Newsroom, I'm sure that has the sort of mindblowing realism that you are crave.

  2. it could be the best pretentious hipster bullshit ever, but it's still pretentious hipster bullshit. i'd rate that lower than the saas bahu shows that air on indian tv.

    Except it's not. It's about hipsters. But it's clever, poignant, and inhabited by real, self regarding people. It's the best show HBO has done in a while.


    Not that I want you to watch it, I just want to defend it against unfair disparagement on superficial grounds.

  3. yea that means i won't be able to stand it.




    i did. fantastic start to the new season.




    such a tired show. it stopped being funny quite a while ago.


    i finished downton abbey. 2 seasons in 2 days. fabulous stuff.

    I don't see why not. If you can tolerate The West Wing, or anything by Sorkin, this should be a piece of cake. It's smarter, and far more self aware.

  4. I recommend Gene Wolfe. His work in fantasy is superlative. Best, if not top three/five.


    Of newer writers, R. Scott Bakker's work makes for great reading. His philosophy background makes his prose slightly overwrought, but it also deeper for the same reason.


    Joe Abercrombie is pretty awesome too.

  5. The 2nd season competes with the 4th and the 5th for the badge of best season.

    Mad Men really just is a series of short stories with intermittent moments that act as a change of scenery/action/plot.

    In that sense, it's not a straight up narrative like the Wire; Rather, it shares its DNA with The Sopranos, which makes sense given Wiener's role with that show.

  6. ^^ true, first peggy's departure from SCDP and then pryce's death .... wonder if they are planning some kind of cost cutting at the production house !

    I was still fine with Peggy leaving, that episode was excellent overall, but the Lane Pryce suicide build build up wasn't adequately handled. It just didn't feel natural. Especially with the wife buying him a Jaguar and leaving him in a smaller corner bit.


    For a series that is all about spiritual death, it didn't handle physical death too well. And I don't think that was the point.


    Still, best season of the show. Easily.

    Loved the part where they made even Betty seem human.

  7. So Episode 11 of Mad Men was excellent. Almost as good as Employee of the Month from the third season of the Sopranos.


    This is easily Mad Men's finest run, incredibly well written season. The extended vacation really did them some good, IMO

  8. Yeah, Lous C.K. is the sh*t. I've seen everything he's done except that shitty sitcom he had done. Louie Season 2 is brilliant and structurally unique.


    Downton Abbey's first season is very very enjoyable. It's so well scripted. You should give it a shot.



    I absolutely adore Treme but it doesn't have violence to fall back up to provide the more visceral thrills that The Wire did.

    You might want to careful with your expectations because it moves at a very laid back pace that is reflective of real life.

    But the ardent depiction of culture and music makes Treme one of the few shows I have watched a second time.

    I have to say one thing about David Simon and his cohort; their writing feels extremely naturalistic and authentic.

    I love how they blend culture specific details and humour to provide a more complete picture of human interaction.

    Very few dramas do that very well.

  9. you watch soa as well?


    been trying to get nash to watch it for over a year now and the bitch just doesn't do it :|

    I like SoA but I think the dialogues can be hammy.


    Breaking Bad is the best drama on TV right now.


    So, Luck is incomprehensible?

    Michael Mann and the Deadwood creator right?

    I was looking forward to it.


    Right now, I'm waiting for a decent print of Season 2 of Boardwalk Empire.

  10. ^ They've fixed it.

    At one point, I slaughtered Markarth Guards which caused my bounty to rise like fire. But killing the last guard turned it to zero since he was the last witness.

    It happens all the time. You need to kill the last witness.

  11. Level 27.


    Archery is at 75.

    Sneak is at 85.

    Destruction is at 55.

    Lockpicking is 50.


    I screwed up my character by initially focusing on Destruction which I no longer use.

    Archery is awesome. 1 arrow kills most things when sneaking. And I have all but one archery perks and most stealth perks.

    Makes for an awesome combo.


    Gear: I was mostly wearing the Archmage's robes but now I've switched to the nightingale armour.

    I've switched my bow from (Fine) Glass to the Nightingale bow.

    Lydia is wearing Fine Glass armour and a glass sword with the ebony shield.


    Yeah, it's screwed up. :|

  12. Can you marry her? I'm wearing the Amulet of Mara but no one's showing any interest.


    In the last mission, I had 3 companions. It ended rather anti climatically though. I

    backstabbed the boss for an insta kill



    My biggest complaint so far is the number of times companions block doorways and exits. :|

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