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  1. >probably a 5 minute cameo in a shitty Russos movie He is already in the big leagues.
  2. EEAO was huge lol. Not an underrated gem that you need feeds to find for you.
  3. Pay more so that they'll keep building world class theatres in India.
  4. Because Endgame was supposed to be the highest grossing movie of all time but then Chad Cameron rereleased Avatar again and got back the #1 position.
  5. Bruh what. The Justice League movie came way after The Avengers.
  6. f**k Cuckmann. f**king ruined TLOU2 and kicked out Amy Hennig.
  7. If the movie releases in China, it's going to cross a billion easy.
  8. Lol, I got what you meant. All I was saying was that the stories in the games weren't that great either. Good enough for video games, yes, but if the games were movies, they'd be pretty mediocre storywise, just like the movie. Now, if the TLOU HBO show ends up being mediocre for example, you'd be right to say that ND should beat the crap out of the makers because the writing in the game is brilliant and the story is a masterpiece.
  9. Well, that might explain why the movie sucked.
  10. If we're being honest, the stories and writing of the Uncharted games were always B movie level.
  11. He's batshit crazy. Apparently, his friends and family isn't admitting him for rehab because that'd mean the money would stop.
  12. That's MCU for ya. It's always about teasing the next thing.
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