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  1. The lizards are annoying by design. And that doesn't change even after you're overpowered. It won't be Kratos. Remember the game director saying in an interview that he's happy with where Kratos is right now and implied that his story won't have a continuation anytime soon.
  2. Ew. Physical 4eva
  3. Rocksteady didn't go slow and steady. Asylum came out in 2009, City came out in 2011 and Knight came out in 2015 which were all normal gaps. The reason their new game hasn't come out yet is because they f**ked up hard. Why wouldn't Disney let them make a third?
  4. Yeah, too early. One of his better, serious videos.
  5. Kumar123

    Black Panther

    These corporations often play safe. Only few exceptions like the Final Fantasy devs come to mind.
  6. Kumar123

    Black Panther

    That's the point. We already have Batman. Don't need a lesser version. I'll be surprised if these guys innovate in that department.
  7. Kumar123

    Black Panther

    Was talking about his powers specifically. I've only seen the movies and all he is, is a superhuman who fights in a suit with some gadgets.
  8. Kumar123

    Black Panther

    EA started finding value in single player games again. But that doesn't mean they need to be superhero games, especially when it's a superhero like Black Panther who's just a fighter. Also, Amy Hennig's already developing a Black Panther game if I'm not wrong.
  9. Kumar123

    Black Panther

    Black Panther is more popular than Batman? Anyway, I don't see the appeal of a Black Panther video game. His powers aren't that unique. I mean, didn't Spider-Man kind of copy it lol? It works still. Exactly. Batman but less interesting.
  10. Kumar123

    Black Panther

    I get having video games for the biggest superheroes, but wouldn't you prefer a new IP instead of a Black Panther game?
  11. Kumar123

    Black Panther

    Not sure if I like this trend of single player superhero games.
  12. MGSV was great. Or maybe the standards are so low these days considering how easy bosses are in AAA games. In MGSV, enemies felt like a real threat and I was scared out of my wits during boss fights.
  13. Yoo, same. I quit FFXIII-2 midway in 2016 and only resumed in 2020.
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