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  1. Physical versions need confirmation these days? Tf
  2. Will wait for the next remaster collection and play from the beginning lol.
  3. Will they remaster all the other games in the main series too? How many are left? I've only played the 2013 reboot.
  4. Yeah Hope people stick with physical games for the foreseeable future. If it's all digital, then Sony will be able to do whatever the f**k they want.
  5. New, pre-owned, what difference does it make for a game like this? Regardless, A difference of 1300 is no joke. More, if you consider pre-owned copies.
  6. Nah, it's dirt cheap on physical.
  7. The real targets of these frankly unnecessary remasters are the new players if I'm not wrong. It gives Sony the justification to sell the PS5 version of the game to new buyers for a price it wouldn't have been able to if it was the same old PS4 version.
  8. Wish there was a way to know whose idea it was exactly so that fans could cyberbully them.
  9. Wow. Thought you'd defend Sony.
  10. Watch the leaked videos and you'll know.
  11. Yeah, open world games can be so draining. I had planned to play Assassin's Creed Unity and Syndicate back to back recently, but decided to take a break after beating Unity. So many collectibles.
  12. The licensing deal with Marvel for example. Doubt Marvel is happy about that getting out. Also, the things you stated can be crucial. Adding laughing emojis doesn't make them any less important.
  13. That only makes sense if they have a finished product already. Already are. Insomniac and Sony Santa Monica have surpassed Naughty Dog. There's a lot of sensitive information in the leaks that affects not just the games or the studio but Sony's gaming division as a whole.
  14. One of the greatest games of all time.
  15. More than an hour of Wolverine footage got leaked. Looked like a faster God of War. Didn't know GTA VI got leaked as well.
  16. Roguelite
  17. Microsoft started treating PC like one and rightly so. They found a way to win even if that makes Xbox redundant.
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