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  1. > There is nothing that fundamentally changed in society between then and now. That is simply not true. > Besides all that, even the previous game focused on humanising Kratos and taking him away from the Kratos Smash persona. If you don't like him being soft, the series just isn't for you anymore. Don't play it. I mean, that's what I usually do when it comes to games with too many 'woke' elements and is probably the sensible course of action. To just not play them. But with franchises like God of War or The Last of Us, I'm just too invested emotionally and in other ways to abandon them and forget the good times I had playing the earlier installments of those series.
  2. Because good writing can make KRATOS SMASH an even more enjoyable experience.
  3. Some intern did it on purpose, that's for sure.
  4. "no one complains" They were products of their time. When the reboot came out, a lot of people, including Cory f**king Barlog who worked on all the God of War games dissed the original trilogy for the reasons you just stated.
  5. Yes.
  6. I would have been unhappy about it because that's extremely out of character for Kratos lol.
  7. > Literally every piece of media that is out there has some sort of romantic angle (straight obviously). To what extent it is shown is another thing. Don't need to bring in every piece of media that ever existed since the discourse about these issues is a fairly recent phenomenon. And yes, in most media, the romances are heterosexual. That's because 90% of the world population are straight. So, it's only natural that the stories that are written for people's consumption will mostly feature heterosexual relationships. > Yes, people complain sometimes when things are over sexualized or when bollywood forces songs etc. in movies as they break the flow of the story. Those are totally different things. Not to me. People complain about romances and sexualizations that don't fit into certain movies because they find it unnecessary and even detrimental to their enjoyment of the films. And as someone who wants an epic action game with strong writing to facilitate that, I deem idea of Kratos talking about the dudes he f**ked being in the game, extremely unnecessary. > Here, you have started complaining about a mere mention of homosexuality in a normal dialogue between Kratos and his son. That is 2-3 lines amongst the hundreds/thousands which will be there in the game. You are still whining about woke, forced, organic, etc Nah, just worried if this is a sign of more lines and content like this in the game.
  8. Look man, if you want a daddy simulator with Kratos being a sensitive father or whatever, more power to you. I personally don't even care about the character of Atreus that much and play these games so that I can have epic battles with gods from different mythologies as Kratos. So, naturally, I prefer the writers to care about what I care about. That's all.
  9. Nope. Haven't seen people praising movies for not forcing romance between the male and female leads because it wasn't realistic or necessary for the story?
  10. Except people call out the inclusion of unnecessary straight relationships/sexual content in the media as well. Which is why movies/games these days have way less sexual content directed at heterosexual males compared to the previous decades.
  11. I'm not sure. And I hope it isn't in the game.
  12. There's a difference between that organically happening, like how Cory basically drew inspiration from his own life to come up with the concept of a Father and Son story for the reboot as he had become a new father himself around that time, and people forcing it into everything they work on, regardless of whether the story needs it or not, which is what a lot of writers in America, including the guy in the screenshot I linked above, seem to be doing these days.
  13. You can't be certain of that until you beat the game. Also, this could be a sign or a clue about the kind of writing in the game. One can only hope that they would keep the reflections of their agendas extremely subtle.
  14. These are all interconnected and will affect the tone of the game and your experience with it. You can't just ignore certain things a character says and only value what you like or think is important.
  15. If only the things you are sure about were actually true.
  16. Nah, equating sh*t we don't need in a God of War game with sh*t we don't need in a God of War game.
  17. They also used to f**k little boys. Wonder if Kratos will talk about that too.
  18. I watched the Dr. Strange 2 BTS documentary thing and apparently, the writer was originally given just 3 weeks to come up with a script. Explains a lot. About the quality of MCU movies, I mean.
  19. Does anyone else think Xbox sucks and Playstation is the best?
  20. To be honest, it easier to enjoy a 'bad' movie when you know it's going to be bad. Might even enjoy it more than a good movie sometimes.
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