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blitzkreiig's Feedback

  1. ThE JuGgErNaUT left Positive feedback   

    Fast & Good seller,scratchless disc. but doesnt negotiate :). paid on tue, got package on wed

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  2. SchneideR left Positive feedback   

    10/10. Excellent packing and prompt delivery. Great guy to deal with. My second deal with him. Will definitely deal with him again... :)

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  3. achilles left Positive feedback   

    very bad seller. does.not.negotiate :P the condition was perfect, as described and prompt shipping.

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  4. www.intencity.in left Positive feedback   

    Awesum buyer, Patient & understanding.... hassle free trade. Recommended !

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  5. playstationdude left Positive feedback   

    Got two words for him:Awesome guy.Excellent trader.10/10.

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  6. dR gAm3 left Positive feedback   

    awesome guy to deal with ..amazing packaging..instant shipping

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  7. KeezNah left Positive feedback   

    Great feedback, was very patient from his end, packaging was awesome considering the quantity. Highly recommended seller.

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  8. playstation left Positive feedback   

    very nice person. another smooth deal as always. game condtion as mentioned. No problems at all. Thanks bro!.Highly Highly Recommended!

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  9. playstation left Positive feedback   

    I have started enjoying dealing with him. Found a another good friend on IVG. Thanks Anshul.HIghly Highly Recommended!

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  10. Nemo left Positive feedback   

    fast delivery, very nice guy to deal with. 10/10 from my side.

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  11. nightmare left Positive feedback   

    Very nice guy to deal with!! highly recommended!! 10/10!! :)

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  12. nightmare left Positive feedback   

    Very nice guy to deal with

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  13. Freelancer left Positive feedback   

    A++, nice n patient guy.....had a nice n quick deal.....recommended

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  14. playstation left Positive feedback   

    Very Nice person. Kept In touch through out the deal.Will Always trade with him again.Highly Recommended!

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  15. argruid left Positive feedback   

    Awesome seller! Game was brand new! Great pricing and super fast shipping!

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  16. wahi left Positive feedback   

    great and a fast deal, reccomended

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  17. Shantz left Positive feedback   

    Excellent Seller.Fast shipping. Good packing :)

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  18. rad2689 left Positive feedback   

    prompt buyer, hassle free payment, nice person

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  19. playstationdude left Positive feedback   

    nice guy.prompt payment.replies to messages promptly.

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  20. SamSandeep left Positive feedback   

    Third time dealin with him... No hassles at all.. would love to deal with him again.......

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  21. sam_816 left Positive feedback   

    good to communicate, nice guy. happy to deal with him.

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  22. playstation left Positive feedback   

    Great guy.Showed lot of patience ,packaging very nicely done,kept me updated all the time.Overall Great experience .Highly recommended.

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  23. pArth left Positive feedback   

    great seller as always..

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  24. SamSandeep left Positive feedback   

    Amazing seller... Everything as promised.. Excellent communication...

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  25. nightmare left Positive feedback   

    great guy, happy to get to know him :) butter smooth transaction, would be very happy to deal again!!! 10/10

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

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