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blitzkreiig's Feedback

  1. pArth left Positive feedback   

    smotth deal :)

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  2. ghb left Positive feedback   

    Awesome buyer...great communication and quick payment. Reliable. Deal with him blindly.

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  3. www.intencity.in left Positive feedback   

    Super buyer... prompt payment, recommended !

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  4. Dr.Hojay left Positive feedback   

    Patient guy, quick payment, good doing business with him

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  5. harrydeo left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer. Timely payment and open communication. Highly recomended

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  6. akashkhannabond007 left Positive feedback   

    A++ ......highly recomended....instant replies......

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  7. XeOn left Positive feedback   

    Brilliant Service

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  8. SamSandeep left Positive feedback   

    Excellent packing.. Great communication.. Awesome guy to deal with

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  9. Shantz left Positive feedback   

    Excellent seller, lightning fast shipping & marvellous packing

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

  10. ghb left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer. Quick payment and excellent communication. Recommended!!

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  11. Death Stryke left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer, paid up promptly. Nice to deal with. Highly Recommended

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  12. Jigsaw left Positive feedback   

    Very Friendly and extremely prompt. Would love with deal with him over and over again.

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  13. piksdevil left Positive feedback   

    10/10 A guy one should look to trade with

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  14. Fire Wolf left Positive feedback   

    10/10, patient buyer, transferred money quickly.

    blitzkreiig was Trading

  15. Sumanth_Champion left Positive feedback   

    Very gud seller. Sent the controller bfore he got the money. Super packing.

    blitzkreiig was The Seller

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