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  1. Digital edition is available on Amazon to pre-order.
  2. Any idea if the experience is similarl for people who wear specs .
  3. Not going oos. Finally scalping ended it seems.
  4. Guys how do I find out if my Regalia is ltf or not.
  5. Govt helping Adani via SBI, LIC and all means necessary.
  6. My disc was entirely different from the one I sent. You claiming otherwise wouldn't change the fact. Sad part is this is not how you guys started.
  7. Yeah it's bad. I'm done with them. Will either be selling here or to a local shop which checks in front of me. Better to lose a couple hundred than to get a different disc altogether.
  8. They had changed my GTA V disc with a scratched one and returned. Either the testing guys are doing at their level or it’s just how things are.
  9. You win the thread sir. Anywhere i can get the entire Dhruv & Nagaraj series in Hindi. Hope buying online is an option too.
  10. The deserving team one So happy for Messi
  11. Mine's shipped to cousin's place in Bangalore. Will let you know how it arrives. Pls update your packaging here as well.
  12. Guys is there a v2 of Dualsense out as well. How to find out which one is which?
  13. I have an extra horizon disc bundle to be delivered in Bangalore...let me know if anyone needs, else will cancel.
  14. If the games are legitimately bought then no issues. If you’re going, offline for ahem….then it will eventually result in a ban.
  15. Yeah it's a bundle only in this drop right. I'm looking for just console.
  16. Guys does the disc edition come with a physical game.
  17. I was in the exact same boat when I got a Switch, left BOTW after a while and used to play MK8 mostly. Luckily I decided to start it afresh after few months. Best decision ever, it's one of the best games I have ever played...have spent like 250 hrs into it. I would suggest, complete as many towers as possible...get the 4 champion powers and then get the ancient weapons. Along the way you can kill Lionels and guardians and explore the villages. The story will unravel as you start visiting the memory sites.
  18. I think it's when an AC runs for extended periods the compressor overheats and shuts down. I keep changing rooms every 6 hrs hours to avoid this
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