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  1. Why not...You'll be posting pics of the disc anyway.
  2. Damn....You're right, it's there. So they can identify traded discus huh 🤔 First option should always be to buy off IVG itself i guess.
  3. Why would someone put a sticker on the disc. That is such a sh*t move. Edit - There's no sticker on MM disc I bought from them. Is this a recent practise.
  4. So if i like the game and buy a disc in future i can carry over my progress?
  5. They visited my maid's house here in Noida as well and were coercing the parents to get a loan.
  6. Isn't Netflix banning account sharing outside of household?
  7. I consider religion and cults as a pass time too, just something people use to cope. So be it religion or travelling or hiking whatever, how can one pass time be better than the other. The audacity of chootiy*s everywhere.
  8. How ethical is it to cage wild animals, then call them kids.
  9. I have to disagree too. They really are duds. And their MD degrees aren't even real MD degrees, their course is 7-8 yrs long and that's the degree they get. No concept of MBBS degree. I've seen a plethora of them and most are just eeking their way into institutions with jugaad. Even their FMGE exam is a big jhol.
  10. Most of these Eastern European doctors are sh*t, actually make that all of them...I'm yet to see a competent one. All the duds after trying here for 3-4 yrs. end up getting admitted there. Our 12th class guys are better than them.
  11. Hard to believe he would agree to be the face of it for just 1k a month, that's lesser than minimum pay in US i guess.
  12. Woah....he seemed innocuous with his chubby demeanour. Such entitlement.
  13. Is it confirmed he's the culprit or witch hunting?
  14. But that would dilute customers' confidence in purchasing anything expensive.
  15. I need to get mom a Sim for 1-2 days for travelling to Australia. Which network (Airtel or Jio )would be more economical so that she can make calls within that country.
  16. Are you still selling the Ps4 code, I'm interested
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