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  1. How is the performance of Series S? I have 1080p Monitor for gaming so i don't really care for 4k. Will XSS be able to manage 60 fps in games?
  2. I'm unable to defeat the final boss on Metroid Dread, maybe i should start this.
  3. Thank you for the detailed explanation. I was under the impression Sony wouldn't cheap out but here we are.
  4. Indian retailers have started distributing this newer one?
  5. So that copper reduction is already going on i assume
  6. Not been there recently but in all other markets there is business as usual so I'm hoping it's back to normal there as well.
  7. That shorter owner at Samurai is also quite arrogant, the spectacled one is the one worth dealing.
  8. So apps like CoinSwitch Kuber and Coin DCX not worth exploring.
  9. Add to that, the monopoly is not going to remain for long.
  10. It's a bad game. Mobile games also sell well, doesn't mean they're the best.
  11. Is Zomato worth if I'm a Swiggy Binge Plus already.
  12. If only my joycons worked, this game would have been apt for handheld
  13. Happy Deepawali everyone 🎆🕯
  14. Nintendo games are the ones which hold value and appreciate beyond MRP later on. PS consoles/games lose value drastically. The UC and GOW PS4s have no takers now, while any used special edition Nintendo ones are selling more than mrp.
  15. My avg in Laurus is 630, should i stay put.
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