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  1. Your monitor is 1440p. Everything you connect to it will output at 1440p only! Whatever 4K device you connect will be downscaled to that.. Basically you need a 4K TV or Monitor to truly use those devices to its potential. And if you’re talking about HDR - If your monitor has this feature then yes.
  2. Firestick max. Firecube has lots of issues and overpriced. Not worth it even for same price as max.
  3. I complained about receiving “Avengers PC” box damaged and they gave me full refund. 😂 I asked for partial refund and the game disc was fine.
  4. They accept returns. It’s a process, you have to order a replacement, after that arrives an option comes to ‘return for refund’. Also account needs to be in good standing and sometimes via chat they entirely skip the process of sending replacement if you ask politely and/or get a nice chat representative. If you send too many products back you get message saying “Please Note - Return of items which are incorrect or not in original condition may be rejected. Doing so may also lead to more checks and restrictions in future returns.” This is like a low-key warning.
  5. No issues with my QLED. Maybe it’s just panel lottery.
  6. You have to bargain with them. Offline stores get many people dropping by just to have a look, so they’d mostly quote a standard price. But if you go prepared and know what you want they’ll take an interest in you properly. Make sure you goto 3-4 outlets like Croma, Vijay Sales and other brand outlets then get their quotes and bargain with them saying “this place is offering at this price, can you offer a better deal?” Then you see who’s giving the best price. Me and my Dad did this for my Samsung QLED TV and got a great price, like it was listed at 2.10 on the website and I got it for 1.60 if I remember correctly.
  7. For 1100₹, wanted a quick deal as it was a limited timed offer ending on 26th.
  8. Have 1x Guardians of the Galaxy PC (Steam) Nvidia RTX offer game code (require RTX 30 series card to claim). If anyone interested DM me. Redemption offer valid till Jan 26th, 2022. So hurry!!
  9. This looks like a regular monitor stand. Didn’t your monitor come with a stand? What’s your monitor brand/model? You don’t have place for a wall mount?
  10. You have to post this in “For Sale/Trade” forum and not here.
  11. I have this wall mount - North Bayou via Amazon seller clamptek (legit).
  12. Friendly advice, backup your very important data and keep a text/photo backlog of other stuff like movies etc on solid state. Speaking from experience I lost many generations of phone photo/video media but somehow managed to recover some stuff and not sure what’s missing till date.
  13. I just lost a Seattle 2TB HDD due to mechanical failure and a few years ago another 2TB died. Pathetic life, while my other HDD’s are WD with 0 issues. Never again Seagate! Highly recommend avoiding them.
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