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  1. 1 drawback, I don’t think we will get the spider-bot keychain and DLC. Not 100% sure..
  2. Spider-Man 2 PS5 @ ₹3,800 Flipkart Ultimate Gaming Pass @ ₹1 = 10% off ₹500 Instant Discount via CC / DC ₹200 Flipkart Axis Bank extra 5% off ₹3,800 - ₹4,000 Final Amount https://dl.flipkart.com/s/_LMP5MNNNN
  3. Received my order for the Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE set yesterday via seller RetailNet, the official in-house dealer / seller of Flipkart. It was an Open Box Delivery, thankfully I recorded the whole unboxing ordeal with my phone. The product box arrived in a 0/10 condition, full of resealed tape, probably was torn to bits by a previous buyer, then returned and put back for resale, the wheel had dust and dirt on it, the power steering motor itself looked old, the power wires had dust on it but was wrapped neatly. The pedals however looked clean and shiny, maybe new. There was a broken red blade inside the box from the previous buyer I guess. The Flipkart agent did the unboxing, he was telling me to accept it and then ask for replacement, I immediately called Flipkart CS to ask for replacement, Flipkart said not to share OTP number and place a fresh order. I asked the agent how to place a fresh order as this is the last piece available, she said click ‘Notify’. By doing this I’ll probably receive the same rubbish the next time. Anyway, I rejected it, told him to take it back and go. I’d suggest future buyers to avoid purchasing this particular model “Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE”, unless you want to deal with Flipkart CS and the headaches! Note: The Flipkart Open Box Delivery service is kind-of a relief, personally it gained some trust back for me, I recently bought 2 other expensive items from them, it was hassle-free (their deals have been quite tempting lately. Actually much better deals than Amazon. I guess they’re trying to pull customers back into their portal). IMO it saves time and lesser headaches arguing back and forth with Flipkart CS to take it back. PSA: Unboxing video is a 100% must for Flipkart / Amazon or any other high value online order. It should be a mandatory habit by now for everyone. — Ordered a different model today for an additional 6k, price was ok, good, still better than the Logitech variants, which is still more expensive. It last said 5 available in-stock unlike the previous buy which said last piece in-stock. And this time through another in-house Flipkart seller “MPDSLERetail”. I had a word with some buyers who also bought other Thrustmaster products during the deal time, they seemed to have got legit sealed new pieces. I guess it was my bad luck. Hopefully this time around it’s on the positive side. TL;DR - Flipkart is still sh*t! If anyone wants to risk it and has time for some headaches, heres the link to the model (price is ok, good, still better than the Logitech variants, which is more expensive too) - https://www.flipkart.com/thrustmast...CCFYRGD5PC5YJYV&lid=LSTACCFYRGD5PC5YJYVOGYDGI Unboxing Video -
  4. https://www.flipkart.com/thrustmaster-t300-rs-pc-ps4-ps3-motion-controller/p/itmaf17ff37df86c https://www.flipkart.com/thrustmaster-t248-x-motion-controller/p/itm31924920f7f5d https://www.flipkart.com/thrustmaster-t-248-motion-controller/p/itm6dc09cc8aad3a Thrustmaster deals on Flipkart. Sadly no one mentioned this here. With some luck I snagged a decent deal for this - https://www.flipkart.com/thrustmaster-t300-ferrari-gte-wheel-pc-ps4-ps3-motion-controller/p/itm6d808ed745e54 Got it for ₹19,500. According to reviews this seems worth it and better than Logitech. I missed out the slightly better version “Ferrari Integral” for barely 1k more. Note - Some prices were lower before (yesterday), check and see if it’s worth it. IMO some prices still worth it. Luckily I snagged mine at the lowest price still.
  5. Wait for Gen 3 coming this year end. USB-C + minor upgrades and possible thermometer inbuilt into it.
  6. Which Discord group? Could you link it here or PM me an invite please, thanks!
  7. If you want quick BT connection then Apple AirPods is the way to go. The connection is seamless when you’re on the same eco-system. Example, I’m using my iPad with AirPods Pro 2, I move my head towards the iPhone it instantly connects to that for sound. You just need to pair it once by keeping both devices close and you’re done. Sound quality of the AirPods Pro 2 is amazing, so far the best I’ve used! A new adaptive audio feature is coming in a future update. If you want USB C, wait a few months for the updated version. As for 3rd party connection with an iPhone - I tried it with my Corsair Virtuoso XT gaming headphones, I have to choose the device in BT menu each time I want to use it, not so seamless. Could be same connection hassle with other brands like Samsung. Conclusion - If you own iPad, iPhone - AirPods is the way to go.
  8. The gaming pass coupon is just 1₹. Overall best deal when combined and lowest price for the controller so far..
  9. PSA: Before buying SSD’s etc from Prime Day, check with local dealers. Found local dealer offers cheaper, these prime day offers aren’t always good.
  10. Deal - DualSense Edge at 13,499 (Maybe even cheaper with Flipkart Axis Bank Card. Step 1 - Buy Multi Brand Ultimate Gaming Pass at 1₹ https://www.flipkart.com/multi-brand-ultimate-gaming-pass/p/itme85a1ac64c14d Step 2 - Apply to cart with eligible credit card and choose full payment or emi for additional 1k off Step 3 - Ultimate Gaming Pass auto applied and gives you 1500₹ off. Final Price - 13,500₹ https://www.flipkart.com/sony-dualsense-edge-wireless-controller-gamepad/p/itme08834b6d1a5a
  11. I don’t usually pay full price for console games. The only console game I’ve ever paid full price is for the pre-order of Spider-man 2, because part 1 and Miles Morales was super fun for me, thoroughly enjoyed it! Totally worth it according to me, will obviously sell it as soon as I’m done and re-buy it much later on when DLC is out. GT7 - Not into Sim racing games like this and F1. More of a casual gamer when it comes to racing games. Prefer Forza / NFS, however the latest NFS Unbound (PC) is just trash! FF16 - I don’t play FF games. Never have and it’s never gotten my attention. Hogwarts - Got for PC. GOW - Completed on PC. Ragnarok will pay 1-1.2k max on PS5, waiting for better price drop. Horizon Forbidden West - Actually in between this, yet to complete. The Last of Us 1 + 2 - Want to replay these at better graphics. Waiting for price drop, no hurry. Ghosts of Tsushima - Have on PS5, completed 40% and lost interest, was supposed to get back to it but got sidetracked. Uncharted Collection - Completed ages ago. Already have a huge back log of other mainstream games on PC, I keep myself busy on that platform, I prefer to game with higher FPS, better graphics with RTX etc. Console games with 30 fps gives me headaches sometimes. Just got Jedi Survivor for PC, yet to start it. Was addicted to CodMW 1 and 2 on PC. The hackers and SBMM frustration caught up with me and I finally broke that cycle. Not gonna buy CoDMW3 on PC again, maybe PS5 for story mode and sell it later. CoD is like a honeytrap with a good single player story and very addictive MP loaded with frustration and a money making scheme that can bleed you dry. Been playing a few other PS+ games like HW Unleashed for casual fun.
  12. My PS5 is getting dusty 😂. Most of the games I want to play are releasing on PC or already available with better graphics. Sony has dug their own grave I feel, even more after losing the activision deal. But still need some aunty / uncle / cousin to get it down. Not many of us have people there abroad, unless someone offers.
  13. 8.2k US if you can get it down without customs etc. 15k best price in India. For 2TB, it’s a great deal!
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