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  1. Can you guys please confirm whether, i can play from delhi while my ps5 is in Punjab. Do i need to be connected to same internet all the time? Hows the latency?
  2. idk yaar, reddit par poocha, most of them cancelled their gt7, i dont have those nerves
  3. isnt there an amazon returns policy that you can refuse the order on delivery? ps5 cheenkar gt7 le jaane ko keh doohga na
  4. Can i cancel GT7 separately, i bought the bundle today from Amazon and 4.5k is wayy too steep for it
  5. okay ill install these extensions and put my friend on another system. Thanks!!
  6. Guys my sanyaas from gaming is almost over, last time i visited IVG was 14 months back. Suggest me how to get a ps5 tomorrow..
  7. Hi Guys its been very long since i have posted on this forum, just enjoyed your console wars every weekday for the last 16-17 monthswhen bored XD. My exams are almost over. Suggest me how to get ps5 tomorrow. I live in Ludhiana Punjab so ig Vijay sales wont work
  8. Hi tomorrow my classes are commencing for class 12th for JEE prep, plz suggest what should be my strategy for class 12th, according to my perspective my class 11th went very well and having no backlogs throughout the whole year, i did complete DC pandey and HC verma just once for physics, Himanshu pandey for organic chem and N Awasthi for chem, for maths i did cengage( all illustrations and single answer back exercise).. My main target is to get under 5000 rank, according to your experiences what i should do?? Everybody started their prep for jee of class 11th during lockdown so i suppose i would have same affect on most of them(not all) just like it affected me(if there were offline classes obviously i would have gotten much more prepared)
  9. lol you are very much right, from monday my coaching would commence of class 12th, and day before yesterday i looked at bethesda deal(before it i thought that microsoft atleast wont make bethesda games exclusive coz playstation userbase is too big), but after spencers statement, i went into panic mode lol.. What do you think is there any possibility that GP could come to PS5(sounds outlandish i know) because spencer stresses that bethesda exclusivity is on platforms supporting game pass, and they are trying to force sony and nintendo to adopt it..
  10. Following your steps its very clear that obviously sony is my way to go, i have played their almost every exclusive and for me every single one of them is a system seller, they have knocked it out of park TBH this gen, and if PS5 is too promising from very beginning, which PS4 wasnt till 2016(in my opinion), PS5 would do much better. in case of xbox its more like investing in it with an intent that the future would be bright for xbox... but for ps5 it already is
  11. yeah the major issue for me would be time, i wont be able to play even 10% of what GP offers and i am certainly all in for ps exlcusives Thanks a lot
  12. Plz suggest what should be my first choice gaming console then , i am a bit skeptical whether i would be allowed to get a second console
  13. And do you find game pass to be really worth it , it surely looks inticing , but are there enough quality games coz PS PLUS is trying its best with its monthly games and its PS plus collection as well. And plz tell me about xbox after sales service like controller replacement( that happeneed with me when my ps4 was in warranty as well, they replaced it for me and it was very near to my residence so no issues from sony's side) and to be honest what i think is even indians are more into playstation so used games would be cheaper as well
  14. Could plz someone clarity whats sony's strategy regarding their exclusives coz it seems that they are going to port many more games to PC , some are even pointing at ghost of tsushima to PC. If all PS exclusives are eventually say 2-3 years going to be ported to PC, it would change my decision to buy ps5 instead of series x less justifiable
  15. from your experience what do you think that at this stage does gamepass have any single player narrative games (though i desperately want to play Forza horizon 4)
  16. right moreover i wont have time to play all games coz i would only be playing in semester breaks..
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