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  1. Hi all, i was sure that i would buying PS5 after an year or so(in early 2022) but tables really have turned , when microsoft acquired bethesda, i was a PS4 gamer and loved almost all the single player narrative games published by them (enjoyed almost all of them), i didnt really like many bethesda games during this gen except wolfenstein . I got into ps4 in 2016 so got the games at relatively cheap price but buying ps5 in 2022 would certainly meaning spending atleast 3000 for all games, which is too much. During my time with PS4 the only game i bought for 4000 was RDR2(totally worth it), except it i almost got all the games for 2000 or less, xbox series is looking better in almost every way except the single player narrative games. Bethesda is also not known for such games but i really want to play starfield and ESVI. But man... game pass is so good... to be honest almost all playstation games are necessity for me and i wont like to miss out on them.. So plz suggest what shall i do. Get only one of them or getting a xss along with ps5 disc edition (so that my main gaming platform remains playstation and could play most EA and bethesda games for cheap on game pass on xbox series s) resolution doesnt matter at all. I only have 1080p tv in my room and have no plans to upgrade it any time soon coz its Plasma And plz tell me whether i even would have time to play all these games on ps and xbox coz i wont have time to play all games coz i would only be playing in semester breaks.. many of you could also tell me from your college and gaming experience..
  2. Hi all, New to IVG played Wii games since 2010, Transitioned to Playstation 4 in 2018, Just for the excellent Single Player Narratives and way.... better 3rd party support
  3. Hi guys I am new to this forum.. I request the staff to guide me... I am keen on playing wolfenstein the new colossus coz I ain’t able to find it for reasonable price any where be it from local stores and online as well. I thoroughly enjoying slaying Nazis 😅
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