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  1. Where do you all buy Funko Pops from? Aamzon?
  2. FXGalvatron

    Elden Ring

    I am probably a bit too late for this but what's the hype surrounding it? I don't understand. Can someone explain that to me?
  3. How come? Calorie deficit diet? I am 90 myself and looking to shed a lot of weight.
  4. Lockdown in Chennai on Sunday. Complete lockdown. I think colleges and schools are closed from tomorrow.
  5. Thanks a lot for the update! I am assuming though that gfames under 1099 won't be applicable? Was looking at Siege, Crew 2 and another game.
  6. Does it? I heard someone complain about it. Apparently you can't do that? Correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Where can I get the discounted cards? Any legit sources?
  8. West Ham United in the title race. What is it, 3 points? Damn... never expect3d that.
  9. Well, anyone selling a broken PS4? Just need the Blu Ray drive.
  10. Thanks! :)) Hopefully, I can find something. Paid 8K, so not much to complain I guess.
  11. You can do it on your own without voiding warranty, afaik. It is user replaceable, unlike Xbox. Like many others have stated before me, any 2.5 inch SATA SSD should work. Here's a video to know how to replace the drive:.
  12. Could be a potential broken Blu Ray cable? Not sure. I have the same issue and one of the cables is broken.
  13. Thanks mate, for the response. Yeah, been meaning to get a replacement fan. Still dunno what to do for the broken blu ray flex cable. Kinda need it since I can't really afford paying for digital games atm.
  14. Hey guys. So, I recently bought a second hand PS4 and the owner told me that the Blu_Ray Ribbon Cable is broken (I think it's the 12 Pin one) and it makes so much noise. I replaced the thermal paste as well (Cooler Master MAstergel Regular) but no dice. Any fixes? People around me are getting mad because of the noise made. And the lack of a dsic drive means I am stuck with CDs I paid for which have no use right now (Horizon Zero Dawn and GoW). Can anyone please help me out? Thanks and have a great day!
  15. Hello everyone. Name's Farhan. I guess you can call me an author. I have a decent rig and also a PS4. Nice to meet y'all. Came here after the glowing recommendations on TE. Thanks everyone and have a great day!
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