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  1. Hey, wanted to know if I get my ps4 repaired locally for some problems and the seal is broken, then if my ps4 ever goes boom completely then will they replace it by taking 50% value or not if its out of warranty?
  2. Gameloot sells console which are repaired by them and they mention it in title also, I only had the doubt will they buy back the console later on as it was repaired and sold by them only.
  3. Can a expert tell what to look for when buying a used ps4 pro and how to know whether its repaired or not ?? I'm pretty new to all this
  4. I want a playstation just for their exclusives, already have milked my intel iris graphics to death
  5. THe only gripe I have is shipping while selling stuff ? You have any advice on shipping items and preferred couriers ??
  6. Does gameloot buys back a repaired console they sole ?? The descriptions says the seal should be intact.
  7. Gamelloot seems interesting, do they give less price than they are showing based on condition when they recieve the game or is it fixed ?
  8. I wanted to buy a old console since GPU are getting so expensive, but console games themselves are expensive and I earn less. I dont mind waiting for those AAA titiles for 1-2 years but spending 2k on a game is expensive for me. Any tricks would really be helpful. I was gunning for a playstation as theur exclusives are great. I don't want to pirate and live a genuine gamer life. Maybe if there is a way to rent games since I go through them pretty soon.
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