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  1. yes seem to have launched as Excel version 2.0! Glad they are back!
  2. Seems the 4k movies are no longer available. The blu-ray collections have reduced and a lot of the new movies are no longer available..
  3. looks like a lot of the other distributors are also not operating now on FK and Amazon...
  4. I think most of these folks are trying to push streaming services and hence the lack of interest in physical media. Sigh, have to now look for imports to meet my needs
  5. seems a lot of the regular distributors are no longer on on FK and Amazon suddenly... hope its a glitch else a huge miss
  6. Just saw that 4k blu-rays and new blu ray movies are no longer available on amazon and flipkart from the major resellers like EXCEL video. They got pulled suddenly in last 48 hours off both the platforms. And the few that are there from other vendors are at crazy prices. Anyone has an update on this? Loved the formats on my Home Theatre
  7. thanks! I prefer the blu ray experience as its far more enriching in quality compared to streaming. Have invested in a HT and need good fuel to drive it! Thanks!
  8. Hi I wanted to ask where buy your 4K movies from? Are we now limited to just an amazon and flipkart or are there other retail channels still available? The prices of blu ray movies on amazon and flipkart have gone up and the great deals have disappeared! Thanks Amit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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