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  1. Don't think so. I saw posts on another forum where users had reported their SBI Cashback card not applicable for SBI exclusive discounts.
  2. Does Amazon gift card purchase qualify for 5% cashback?
  3. Tape on the shirt? Talk about leaving no stone unturned, wow!! They're not all like this, I recently ordered few clothing items from Amazon, all packages and items are good. Always had good experience with Myntra as well.
  4. So true, it almost feels like they are doing this on purpose and want the customer to regret buying from them.
  5. The 2nd phone was to be a surprise gift for a younger one at home, so there's that.
  6. Buying Electronics from Flipkart after a long long time, I only use it for grocery. Ordered 2 phones, one on 22nd and the other one on the 23rd, both were next-day deliveries. 5 days and gazillion followups later, I have nothing to show for it, except my disgust and hatred for them, if that counts. Both the items reached the black hole referred as "my nearest hub" the next day but that's it, no movement afterwards. The customer service seems to have no way to coordinate with them or expedite. They only want me to wait till 7PM promising the status should change to "Out for delivery" by then, and afterwards they promise me that it'll happen the next day. Nothing changes. Today, at around 2:30AM, I received an order cancellation email and then this email 10 mins later. "Hi, We're writing in continuation to your last contact to know the status of your order with order id ODxxx. While we were tracking your order to make sure that it reaches you on time, we see that it has been cancelled. If you like, you may place a new order for the product, the seller will work with the courier service provider to ensure the product reaches you. Please use the survey below to tell us about your experience with us." Pretty sure, I was fast asleep dreaming of princesses and cheese long before, and didn't cancel the order. The phone was to be an upgrade after 5 years and therefore I had a little shimmer of excitement, and admittedly butterflies in my stomach and they managed to kill all of it!! I hate that most of the phones are only available on Flipkart. What a disaster! TLDR - F** Flipkart.
  7. Hey bro, thanks again for "The Secret History", finished it few days ago and loved it! The narration and setting are excellent. The nervousness of a newcomer, the yearning to belong, you can really feel it! And some parts especially, really do take you there. The sleepovers, the stay in Italy, the plans they discuss to hide the truth, very very well done. It did feel a little too long at the end but that's probably just me as it didn't have the 'whodunnit' element, still a great read (listen) nonetheless. It's such a shame, the ill-fated attempts of its screen adaptation, it would have been such a treat but may be it's better this way. For other fellow readers/listeners who are into sci-fi short stories, I recently finished "Inappropriately Human: 21 Short Stories" by Andrew Heaton, highly recommend it. It instantly reminded me of Black Mirror, except it's not really Dark and gloomy, just the opposite.
  8. Hey guys, is there any PS Plus Promotion or free weekend thing going on? I don't have PS Plus but my India PSN account seems to have Online multiplayer working today, and PS Plus seems to be enabled on my US PSN accounts. I have not received any email about PS Plus trial activations (or a charge on my card), can't find anything on their site either. Thanks.
  9. Ah, it's a TV series now, wow! Loved the audiobook, will check this one out. Thanks.
  10. Thank you. The Secret History looks like it's right up my alley and has promising reviews too. Will start with this one.
  11. iamX

    Nier Automata

    I am definitely a part of the minority here but I can't seem to like this game. I had always noticed it among the recommendations for the best PS4 titles, and was pretty excited about starting this one. But it has been terrible for me so far. The gameplay and bosses just feel like button smashing and the story doesn't feel that great either. I've just finished defeating that giant machine in the sea and 9S has now disappeared. Does it get better?
  12. Any recommendations for Mystery/Thrillers? I am on Audible. Recently finished "The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" and "The Devil and The Dark Water" from Stuart Turton, both were spectacular, especially The 7 deaths... blew my mind.
  13. The link doesn't show the full story and prompts to subscribe.
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