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  1. This is after just 3-state win. I wonder what will happen if and when BJP wins the General Elections next year.
  2. Very insightful and clarifies my doubts, Thank you.
  3. Sorry, how so? I thought you only get 1 lot (30 shares) at best in case of oversubscription?
  4. Had given up on Disco Elysium after a couple of attempts, but finally got into it. Finished it recently and it's really really good and deep. The late night phone call and the nightclub dance are amongst my most memorable gaming moments now! Also finished Alien Isolation last month, loved the epic ride. Can hardly believe it's a decade old game and still much better than Callisto Protocol which turned out to be so repetitive and boring.
  5. Yep, applied from 2 accounts (HNI and Shareholder), got 1 lot in Shareholder category. Want to buy more from open market, waiting for it to settle. Vested for long term. p.s Was hoping for it to hit UC today like IREDA, but market went down.
  6. Doesn't that bring you closer to getting an Infinia?
  7. Be cautious while saying yes to "Grant permissions" prompt during installation. It is notorious for its data hoarding business model. With default permissions, alongwith messages, call logs etc., it also gains access to your emails. Just my two cents.
  8. Hey bro, what's the workaround for Electricity bill? Can you please share. Thanks.
  9. God bless you, bro. Awesome 20% discount and was able to use it on all my add-on cards as well. Thanks a lot!!
  10. Any HDFC PayZapp users here? My friend used to be able to use my Regalia card to pay his kids' school fees through the PayZapp scan. But now after the launch of their new PayZapp app, it doesn't seem to have the option to use cc. It only has UPI or PayZapp Wallet (2.65% convenience charges when adding funds through cc). Wow, while typing this, I realise that I may have answered my own question. Would still appreciate inputs, hopefully I've missed something. Thank you!
  11. This is similar to what Kunjan said, If I see that the stock is fundamentally good (YoY - Increased Earnings growth, Increasing Cash flow, Reducing liabilities etc.), then I would not mind investing at all, even if it's at ATH today. I would however deploy only part of the intended investment at first (25%-35%) and then monitor the trend before adding more. The % will of course change based upon your conviction and risk appetite. Never a bad time to invest in a good stock! Especially if you are in for a long term.
  12. Don't think so. I saw posts on another forum where users had reported their SBI Cashback card not applicable for SBI exclusive discounts.
  13. Does Amazon gift card purchase qualify for 5% cashback?
  14. Tape on the shirt? Talk about leaving no stone unturned, wow!! They're not all like this, I recently ordered few clothing items from Amazon, all packages and items are good. Always had good experience with Myntra as well.
  15. So true, it almost feels like they are doing this on purpose and want the customer to regret buying from them.
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