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  1. Gears collection I dunno how MS will handle multiplayer without fragmenting community. It's 4-5 games Gears 5 itself has too many modes/maps. I like Apex Legends approach better. Just a handful of modes so everyone is playing them.
  2. https://segmentnext.com/microsoft-double-fine-focus-psychonauts-2-development/#:~:text=Double Fine being acquired by,to work on the game. "Double Fine being acquired by Microsoft helped everyone to be able to free up head space and stop worrying about everything else in order to focus on Psychonauts 2 development. They could even put back the bosses that they’d originally cut from the game. They even got to hire more contractors to work on the game."
  3. Psychonauts 2 is AAA production values with indie sensibilities. It's a masterpiece category title.
  4. Aren't these ps4 pro version on PS5? That should be good enough. PS5 DE is a viable system with this service imo.
  5. Vaibhavp

    Apex Legends

    Haven't played ranked but it's a good game. Almost as good. Only issue I have is it has too much colour coded stuff and mechanics i don't understand. And battle royale wastes a ton of time. It's " real " BR which means a gigantic map and you really have to look for players to fight. And if you die, it's same cycle again. Mechanics and fun factor are solid.
  6. Pretty sure every PlayStation player feels greatly indebted and has new found respect for Phil Spencer.
  7. They don't sign deals like these. You can buy keys elsewhere like humble bundle, donate everything to charity yet still redeem on steam etc. It's quiet user friendly.
  8. Vaibhavp

    Elden Ring

    Explore these areas will make you much stronger, story part would be easier. You decide if you want it to be easy or challenging.
  9. Didn't thought this would be even possible on third party titles.
  10. I expected it when it was abused for like 20 hrs in two days. I would be pissed if i baby ied it and it still broke. So it depends.
  11. Will see. Will try to get it repaired first. It is a concern. And all controllers would drift as per laws of physics. Nobody console wars on controller drift.
  12. Couple of my nephew's came for 2 days. They are destroyer of things. Drift started the next day.
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