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  1. Removed hifi rush? Ok. Shove this forum up your a*s. I am outta here. Ban me.
  2. Cherry picking projects now. All those studios make SP games and now have GAAS title experience under their belt as well. Something all studios are trying to achieve. Doesn't mean everything they make will be GAAS. Obsidian and Ninja Theory both are making SP titles now.
  3. Wut, Mario Wonder isn't even there? Add that ASAP.
  4. MS gaming is especially looking forward to offload it all to AI? That's some leap of logic. Or bias. Most of their studios don't make GAAS games. They have a ton of gems like Obsidian, Double Fine, most of Bethesda etc.
  5. Hopefully Rebirth will be great. Looking amazing but SE can f**k up in plethora of unthinkable ways.
  6. AI is a tool that developers can use. How they use it is upto them.
  7. Very confusing GOTY. Haven't played BG3 Or TOTK. So can't say about those. Only played Starfield, Hifi Rush, Remnant 2. Dunno what to vote for. Can vote for either of them. Hopefully BG3 comes to Xbox soon so that will give some clarity.
  8. If you make a claim be prepared to back it up. Else it's nonsense. Number of followers mean jackshit.
  9. Dude is spouting nonsense. End game consists of weapon crafting/armour crafting/ship building/outpost building to become more and more powerful. 1000 planets has nothing to do with it. Played 60 hrs means mainlined story. And maybe a faction quest storyline. Haven't done much outside of that.
  10. I don't get it. Since Sony has purchased Bungie, aren't all Bungie employees now Sony employees? This is basically layoffs happening at Sony. If Destiny is underperforming, Sony has other avenues. That's no longer Bungie's responsibility.
  11. If you have an old headphone. Would be lame to upgrade just to get usb C.
  12. Vaibhavp


    What? How do you know it was fully procedurally generated before?? Also they have built some very cool systems for this game. It's a proper step forward in a lot of ways. Brand new quest design/ exploration design. Obviously not perfect, need some work. I did finish both Skyrim and Witcher 3 back to back before starting this. Difference is the same. Story driven vs system driven design. Just look at skill tree in Skyrim, way more mature and full fledged. Witcher 3 is way simpler game with graphics/ music/ characters doing heavy lifting. Skyrim is all about simulation elements, how you can interact with them and do a lot of cool things.
  13. They did amazing stuff in Control as well. It's budget was 35 million, AA title. This time they have Epics backing. But I don't expect budget to be much higher.
  14. Don't know what issue is here, but Apple isn't something I want gaming companies to follow. I use wired hps.
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