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  1. Xbox has to be the coolest gaming company out there. They even have this
  2. Either he is lying or he is true gamer. My money is on latter.
  3. https://80.lv/articles/phil-spencer-has-spent-nearly-200-hours-playing-vampire-survivors/ "Phil Spencer Has Spent Nearly 200 Hours Playing Vampire Survivors" True gamer.
  4. Quiet a nerve calling it Ubilol while being a pony. They came up with blueprint that was copied by PS for an entire generation of their games. Find it weird when anyone praise very similar game made by different company, while making fun of Ubisoft.
  5. 100%. And I played some 30 hrs after getting 100%. It is a quality game.
  6. Ever since I finished Grounded and got a taste of Sea of Thieves, I have to say I feel little need to make things up to defend/ praise Xbox. I only deal in facts now. Am afraid there is little entertainment to be had when dealing with facts.
  7. Yup, their revenue are higher than Nintendo. Making most creative, diverse games in industry. Truly pitiful.
  8. Cause survival games were being compared with games like God of War. That's like complete opposite of each other. Next you would start comparing Minecraft with cinematic games. And come to a conclusion that it's not good enough.
  9. So you are saying that section doesn't exist or is it fun to play? Normally I don't do this but complaints about it were getting out of hand online. I just had to check on YouTube.
  10. Do you "get" Survival games? Your post makes me feel you don't know what they are about. Definitely not casual games that you could get into just cause you had gamepass. If so, congratulations for judging games with out playing them.
  11. And? Games I am talking about are more successful. Looks good
  12. No idea what to say, ignorant to say the least. Definitely missing out on best stuff out there. Maybe hand holding is what you prefer. This meme is doing round from those who don't like it. Wonder which game is this refering to.
  13. Grounded, Sea of Thieves are nothing like those. They remind me of TES III: Morrowind. Just some clues in journal, figure out yourself how to reach your treasure. True sense of adventure, discovery and exploration.
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