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  1. Dunno, i did checked out a ton of gameplay and bossfights videos. Looks imprecise and not fun. Enemy attacks look unpredictable, don't telegraph very well.
  2. Yeah. I am over watching "Stuff " happening on screen while I press a few buttons. Press X for awesome is not what I enjoy anymore. I mean, how many times will a bridge collapsing or a skyscraper destroyed will look cool to you?
  3. Graphics weren't best possible, but release is also far away. It can improve and look tad better. I was more bothered by on the rails set piece. Very annoying, those.
  4. Not inspired or interesting. Looks okish. Nothing stand out.
  5. Why mediocre though? Do you have any valid criticism?? Outside Redfall, that's a one off, overly ambitious for a 70 people team title.
  6. They don't destroy games. Their criticism is generally level headed. Not every game prioritises graphics equally, nor every developer get equal time.
  7. Nah, no interest in bad mouthing developers. Especially since I play their games from time to time. Not all games are perfect. I criticise what I don't like.
  8. Yeah, Naughty Dog is sh*t cause they released The Last of Us PC port. That's how this works.
  9. Yup, this is what I was talking about earlier. If i had taken side with Deathloop, that has a ton of 10/10, can just fly the metacritic flag. But i like to keep my own opinions. Prey - 10/10 Deathloop - 8/10. Don't care what metascores are.
  10. It's spiritual successor to System Shock 2. I didn't mention that game because noobs here only value games that have high scores. If i said it's up there with System Shock for me, people won't get it. Why name call a great studio? Cause they got bought by Microsoft? This is radical type thought process.
  11. A ton of people purchased it for $70 on Arkane discord. It cannot be abandoned
  12. Nope. He will be absolved once he cleans up mess they are in. Support it properly. Also, quiet unexpected Arkane went on to make full on Division inspired game. This makes sense now.
  13. Jaffe is also saying same thing. He is implying that some people within Sony studios would like to have yearly releases of the games. Even if quality gets a bit compromised. Interesting.
  14. Damn, it is Xcom style but in real time. Was ignoring this game. Now it has my full attention. https://2game.com/in/community/aliens-dark-descent-everything-we-know/ "Aliens: Dark Descent is an enthralling XCOM-type strategy game. Just without the breathers offered by a turn-based combat system. It is fast-paced and it is intense. But it also puts your wits to the test."
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