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  1. Do you "get" Survival games? Your post makes me feel you don't know what they are about. Definitely not casual games that you could get into just cause you had gamepass. If so, congratulations for judging games with out playing them.
  2. And? Games I am talking about are more successful. Looks good
  3. No idea what to say, ignorant to say the least. Definitely missing out on best stuff out there. Maybe hand holding is what you prefer. This meme is doing round from those who don't like it. Wonder which game is this refering to.
  4. Grounded, Sea of Thieves are nothing like those. They remind me of TES III: Morrowind. Just some clues in journal, figure out yourself how to reach your treasure. True sense of adventure, discovery and exploration.
  5. Grounded, Sea of Thieves? Besides if you are trying to make game that will be played by millions of players over many years, those games take time.
  6. Get your facts straight. Most big ips by MS have hit high heights. Gaming doesn't revolve around UK physical charts or high week 1 sales.
  7. Was just looking at GPU prices and guess what? PS5 Horizon bundle - 60k Equivalent PC (i3 12100f + rx6700xt) - 80k Series S - 30k Equivalent PC (i3 1200f + rx 6600) - 60k. So yeah, for getting similar pc you are looking at 100% price increase of Series S. While for PS5, that would be 30% at Max. Series S is best value no doubt.
  8. Dude, I have all generations at my fingertips. Why will I go back to a single generation?
  9. Graphics don't matter to general public and doesn't make game necessarily fun. Thanks for proving my point
  10. Bruh defending Series S is full time job. I don't even bother unless I have a lot of free time It just naturally brings out the worst in people. They act like they get offended by it. Funny to watch. Meanwhile same person will go back to playing on his switch.
  11. Just hope they have fixed enemy animations. They look jittery when attacking, making it difficult to time dodge.
  12. Nah, everyone know half of those 5 million copies will hit used market within a month of release. Going above 10 - 12 million will be a struggle after that. That's why Sony has to resort to bundling to keep software sales chugging.
  13. Series S has backwards compatibility and exceptional back catalogue. I agree with you on this.
  14. Developers interview He says: -Series X is lead platform. They make game first on it. Series S doesn't hold anything back. That's why you get more graphics modes on X. -No separate dev kit for Series S. Both are so similar, you just enable Series S mode from settings. Doesn't take too long to get it working.
  15. Series S is best value system after price increase of other systems. You can get it for 25k or so. And games look beautiful on it.
  16. Finally got it? I am waiting for Series S version of PS5. This is to convince regulators. Both companies make games in different genres so how to compare them? Sony has no online shooters or survival games or Wrpgs.
  17. It's related to team quality. Some years ago, studios used to say they have their A-team working on game. So it's a A game. Which used to mean best possible at that time. Then eventually they started adding A's to emphasize that.
  18. Then how come I played two games back to back from them? Just saw Stray won Best PS game award at GJS. If that's the best PS has to offer then I have to say PS has no games.
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