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  1. Lot of people are having this issue. Both consoles are good this gen so buying both but don't have time. Personally, I already got my monies worth from Series S.
  2. I have seen customers that are happy with him as well. I have not purchased from him but it looks like complaints got blown out of proportion. If he was that big a scammer, would have been closed by now.
  3. Only controller are at risk. And I can get it repaired for much less than 1k. In fact if they break so often, i will prefer to learn how to fix them myself.
  4. Those 2 things can't be 3k. He will likely charge you 10k more at time of delivery.
  5. I have never seen you debate though. Just hurling abuses in general direction of Xbox.
  6. You mean split screen ? We don't play like that anymore. This ain't top down or side scrolling game that offer full view.
  7. I rest my case. Arkane is top tier developer. Won't start making bad games suddenly.
  8. Inspired gameplay? Lemme introduce you to one of their masterpiece they made ...
  9. Vaibhavp


    This isn't back 4 blood though. Do you see vampire hoard anywhere? Have you seen attack patterns of the vampire? You should try battling clockwork soldiers in Dishonoured 2 to see masterpiece combat design. This is without bringing in SP/ story aspects.
  10. Vaibhavp


    Whoa out of nowhere. Looking
  11. Isn't Cory Balrog working on another game? I think I heard he is not directing GOW R.
  12. How many times will it get revealed? Everyone knows it's going to be a sequel that will follow it's predecessor closely.
  13. Good for you coop might get added. It should be fun. Campaign has structure of easy content addition in future. But dunno what they are planning. Would like to see some multiplayer armour farming potential via addition of weekly bosses. Tons of things they can do but are not even doing basic QOL improvements.
  14. There are ton of options but these are the ones I have personally used. They will perform good. https://www.headphonezone.in/products/hifiman-re400 Though with ps5 i would highly recommend using a usb dac and connect hps directly to it instead of controller. For xbox connect them to hp jack of your tv/monitor.
  15. They have finally fixed Master chief collection so might be a good idea to play it.
  16. I dropped the idea of buying it after playing 5 hr demo. Felt like on the rails despite being open world. Too scripted. Graphics were superb on Series S. Generally game felt very polished at this point.
  17. Just get a headphones with proper soundstage. No need for this processing. An audio processor cannot be as accurate as a human mixing audio for desired results.
  18. That wasn't ideal either, but you could ask shopkeeper to remove them and give you appropriate discount. They were always willing to do that.
  19. Vaibhavp

    Gotham Knights

    Not sure how much is gameplay. But last showing was just too bad. This one at least doesn't look lame. Some combo attacks are looking interesting. Definitely a difficult game to pull off cause of melee+ coop compared to pure shooting.
  20. Vaibhavp

    Gotham Knights

    Looking better than last time. Extra dev time is going to help.
  21. Official bundles have digital copies for full price.
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