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    Not artistic vision. This is Gotham knights situation, with untethered coop being too hard on CPUs apparently.
  2. Damn 30 fps sucks. They need to fix this ASAP. Launch is important.
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    Can't decide which one to play with
  4. I don't have good skills either. But it has such a huge player base they have players of all skill levels. I always feel I am properly matched whenever I play. Not to mention, it's considered a social experience, so is devoid of any sweaty players. Redfall and Zelda players I don't see any common ground. Horizon ZD situation was different. Zelda was new at that time. Sequal won't have same impact.
  5. Starfield, Redfall. 2 new IPs incoming. Or maybe you are talking about studios? Yeah, everyone does that. Sony established only a handful themselves.
  6. This is how each community is conditioned. PS users all go day 1, sell game then move onto next one. PC/xbox users wait for sale on digital versions. Not that hard to figure out. By this logic, even the pc is struggling. In reality it's a very lucrative market.
  7. I was talking about 99% of games out there. Hifi Rush i haven't played it but it might belong to that remaining 1%. From what I have seen.
  8. What is that stuff?? Fortnite? It's great value, their battlepass. And about 10 times more fun than some of the boring games that gets praised.
  9. Hopefully level design is still good after going semi open world. Exploration was pretty good in last game
  10. It needs games. People like to put up a list of games, but to sell Rs 50k hardware, you need 5 Half Life Alyx quality games. Then a regular stream afterwards.
  11. Downvotes are due to journalist who is playing. He is doing some hilariously bad things in the video. Besides PS studio need to release a game first to be able to compete. In the past they have released mostly hand holdy titles. Or focused so much on graphics they forgot it was an open world title. Really can't compare to the options you seem to have in this game. Haven't played it but am optimistic it's turning out good.
  12. There is a lot of potential I see in this gameplay. Character that journalist is using has blink ability. You trap that boss in UV field ability then blink away. It's Arkane game so you will need to figure it all out by yourself. Obviously, no handholding there. Journalist is clearly new to the game and has no idea what to do with them, or synergise them with his coop mates. As for graphics, this is the level they strive for. Take it or leave it. Am glad they focus on gameplay systems rather than graphics or animations.
  13. Whenever Sony hits a dry spell like right now, COD keeps selling. They cannot rely on first party game sales outside release window cause used market destroys most of new games sales. Which is why they have to bundle their games at throwaway prices with consoles, resulting in huge sales figures but small revenue generated. Meanwhile 5-6 studios keep working on games and Dev's would expect to get paid. So COD sales are very welcome in periods like these. Not wrong to say they help with finding first party games.
  14. Mobile - 22.5 billion PC - 3.8 billion Consoles - 2.7 billion Japan gaming revenue in 2021. They all are flopping actually. Pointless to go for higher marketshare when market itself is on life support. All under watchful eye and exclusive deals from Sony/Nintendo.
  15. I shared a video where it's sh*t. Show proof if it's good. Else, it's sh*t.
  16. Suit yourself. Halo Infinite had very minimalistic story. Like Doom 2016. Enough to give Master Chief character, without getting in the way. Writing, voice acting I have seen in Ragnorok has all been debbie downers so far and greatly diminished anticipation I had for playing it. Only thing I enjoyed is when Kratos says "hmm", in reply to excited character in front of him. If you have played it you will know what I am talking about.
  17. And people say Immortal Fenyx Rising had bad writing
  18. This can't be serious. This month we are getting Minecraft Legends. Already pre loaded. Redfall is less than a month away. In case you missed latest trailer, apparently game has come together very nicely. With a lot of complementary builds and skills options, it really is upto you how well you use all the options, in typical Arkane fashion.
  19. It's PvPvE. There are 2 teams competing for points. Also they fight each other at some point I think. Quiet different from what's come before and not sure if it's gonna work. Though every impression I have seen praises gunplay and performance despite chaos.
  20. Wut? No. Am currently not in PS ecosystem but there is an offer This looks like essential but you can get extra discounted for first month as well if I remember correctly.
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