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    Consoles are closed ecosystem. So some restrictions are to be expected to offer consistent experience. Playing online on consoles and you find much less cheaters. Pros and cons to both approaches.
  2. Started playing Hades. Not sure if rogue like is a genere for me. You really cannot play em casually if you are trying to clear the game in a run.
  3. New footage? Too much trolling. Cost me 1.30 minutes.
  4. I think it's already patched. Played it at 60fps just few months ago.
  5. Played it for about an hour. I feel playing original is quiet important to fully enjoy. Sure a YouTube video explaining events will be fine too, but nothing like playing original. You will get to know characters so much better. It seems obviously made for fans of the original since it started as Kickstarter game.
  6. I don't get upset WTF are you talking about.
  7. Always been the case. Gamepass works on consoles. On pc, I heard it has issues.
  8. He is already retired that means. SH fans are "Abandoned".
  9. Didn't you just got a new laptop. Instead of being happy, you are asking on internet for someone to ruin your day?
  10. 3060 mobile is 10 tf so close to ps5 in performance. Should be good for 1440p gaming throughout the gen.
  11. They have changed it to 31 Dec. It's a placeholder.
  12. No Halo Infinite release date was a bummer. Wonder if it will be delayed.
  13. PS version is $60 on top of that. Lulz.
  14. Wut?? There are so many ways to play it affordably. But you can't see beyond PS. Such blind fanboyism.
  15. Try it with gamepad. I felt keyboard mouse controls didn't held up.
  16. Big Boss trusts his servers. Can you blame him? MS as a company specialises in that.
  17. Game isn't even released yet and they are concerned about preservation. Who does that sh*t??
  18. It's already on gamepass. How much more bargain you want it to be?
  19. Will you play it this one?
  20. 3 more days. Damn. That's way toooo long.
  21. Psychonauts 2 is pre loaded and ready. Will have to drop Doom Eternal again. Sad. Hard to keep up with new releases.
  22. One of MS executive has tweeted not to expect new stuff. They will focus on stuff releasing this year.
  23. Playing it for first time. I think I will complete it's SP too. Quake 2 was my first fps ever back then.
  24. At this point I would be disappointed if he didn't post same thing atleast 5 times.
  25. Add me on xbox live. Gamertag is in profile. We can discuss there.
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